Wild horses and beach huts

    This weekend I achieved an unwritten goal by exploring Bournemouth beach and taking a long-awaited picture of their famous beach huts. I was a magical adventure that I didn’t anticipate. I mean... who knew we had thousands of wild horses running around the UK? I didn’t. The day started with a good old trip to Starbucks.


    Spontaneous photography and MasterChef Uk final!

    It’s been so long! I’ve been rather busy with life, and all the fun elements that has to offer. I still love my job, challenges and all. I have so much that I want to do and experience, and doing my best to tick them off, whilst staying focused on the main areas of life that I’m building on. There is so much to be thankful for. If anyone follows me on Instagram, you will notice a theme in some of my photos, which I call #30daysofthankful. This hashtag probably rings alarm bells for grammar police, now that I think about it. However, it’s been one of my favourite things…


    Editing thy novel: My new abode

    As I have a few days off I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend hours and hours on my novel. I even found a new abode yesterday, which has the best hot chocolate in the South West, and unfortunately due to creative reasons I won’t be able reveal this haven just yet. However, I would like to add and let you in on my frustration. Yesterday I managed to edit three whole pages before I was distracted by my shopping list, which I had to go home to cook. Today, I’ve managed to edit 5 pages so far, but the daunting prospect that I am only 28…

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    New material

    I am so excited about today’s novel editing session that I just had to jump on here and share. I may have just wrote a short bio story that I hope you’ll love. I think I might post it tomorrow. Stay tuned!


    A novel update

    As my fellow writer friends will tell you novel writing can be a lengthy process, and whilst I practically wrote the first draft of my novel in a matter of months, it has taken me almost 3 years to get to a finished edit state. I am so excited to finally be closing the end of my first novel. After many many failed attempts at being disciplined, I have once again found a passion that so far has led me straight to my computer every day. Why so long? Good question. I used to use the excuse of writers block, but truth be told I don’t believe there is such…

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    Yes, I’m still alive.

      If you’re wondering why I’ve failed to update this blog recently, then this is the reason. I am currently editing and dedicating any spare time to bringing my latest novel to complete. I am loving this new found spot near my home in West London, where the hot chocolate is simply divine. 🙂 Speak soon! If you have any cool spots to write in London that you would highly recommend, do include them in the comment box below! Xx


    My Paris adventure

    One week ago today I set off on my first Eurostar adventure to the romantic city of Paris. I can’t tell you how easy it was to get the train from St Pancras International. We set off rather early to get the most of the weekend; leaving London at 7.31am. Getting through security with a morning coffee was as easy as 1,2,3. I fell asleep about 15minutes in the trip, and woke up around 30mins before arriving in Paris Nord station. Yes, that’s right. I slept through my first channel tunnel experience. Still, after a sleepy start, we were off on an adventure to experience the french underground transport, the…