Wild horses and beach huts

    This weekend I achieved an unwritten goal by exploring Bournemouth beach and taking a long-awaited picture of their famous beach huts. It was a magical adventure that I didn’t anticipate. I mean… who knew we had thousands of wild horses running around the UK? I didn’t. A mere 90 minute journey from my current home and I felt like I had transported to Spain or arrived on a holiday adventure where there were palm trees and sunset for days. Bournemouth has all of that, and more. It’s likely that I haven’t covered everything about this trip today but I hope to unpack in the following weeks. Now back to this magical day of adventure…

    The day started with a good old trip to Starbucks. It was a long week, and a rough night so I was definitely in need of breakfast and a nice coffee.

    Once we accomplished that we set off on an epic road trip into the New Forest. First stop, Burley.

    A quaint little town on the edge of the New forest with patches of lavender and wild horses roam free. It was stunning, and the weather wasn’t bad either. I struggled to wrap my head around the fact that no one owned the 20 horses just running around together, mingling in cricket matches, playing chicken on the roads (actually), and photobombing wedding pictures. It was like something out of a fairytale to me.

    Compounded by a stroll through some dry patches of a hill and forest where a dark brown stallion came galloping towards us as I stopped to take a video of the beauty.

    Being wild it had flies hanging around but its eyes were endearing and I so wanted to give it a big hug. As if this would be in any way realistic… it was like being in a dream. Shortly after we stopped by The Queen’s head after a brief look around some local shops that in many ways seemed dated with pattern carpets and dusty sparse-looking shelves. As small as this town appeared, the crowds gathered and our time in Burley was complete with a small stint of Morris dancers and a trip to The Queen’s head for my very first glass of pink gin.
    Next stop for the day took us to Lyndhurst, which was by far a bigger town and just as busy. Having a quick bite to eat we picked up some local rolls and climbed to the top of this hill to take in the view of horses, more sport, and family days out.
    It was super peaceful.
    I missed out on sampling the new forest ice cream, which I hear is epic and tastes like frozen clotted cream. I am sure another trip will ensue for this review…
    Bordering on 4 o’clock we had covered a good amount of attractions today, and just as the sun decided to appear from the clouds we made our way back to Bournemouth beach. The results were not disappointing… as I continue to learn and discover more about myself in this journey of life, I’ve learned that I am a huge fan of the beach and sea. There is something so calming and evoking about sitting by the sea and taking a moment to breathe from the busiest of life that ignites my soul.

    I can’t wait to share more about my epic trips, thoughts, and adventures… I hope this inspires you to explore and discover more of our beautiful country. Stay tuned for next week’s post on Thai food and lavender fields.


    Spontaneous photography and MasterChef Uk final!

    It’s been so long!

    I’ve been rather busy with life, and all the fun elements that has to offer. I still love my job, challenges and all. I have so much that I want to do and experience, and doing my best to tick them off, whilst staying focused on the main areas of life that I’m building on. There is so much to be thankful for. If anyone follows me on Instagram, you will notice a theme in some of my photos, which I call #30daysofthankful. This hashtag probably rings alarm bells for grammar police, now that I think about it. However, it’s been one of my favourite things to do, and a source of strength on days that aren’t all that fun.

    They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Thankfulness is something I am particularly working on right now, and it’s serving me well. I also think it helps keep things in perspective.

    I hope this finds you well. I’ve just parked up in Starbucks (my favourite haunt) to push through this my latest writing project. I am so tempted to start the next book, but determined to finish what I’ve started first.

    This week is Colour conference, where thousands of girls will gather to refresh, energise, and challenge each other to be the change in our world. This will be my first Colour conference, and its suffice to say I am expecting a life changing week.

    Have any of you been following @MasterchefUK? I watched the final last night, and it was epic. I’ve followed this programme for a while, but this was by far my favourite episode/series to date. All three finalist were highly skilled, and appeared worthy winners. Watching winner Simon Woods pursue his dream, with humility and great diligence was more than inspiring. It was magical.

    His passion for food, and gift for cooking was evident for all to see. I think what touched me the most is his endurance to push through the nerves, to be open and teachable, and his determination to not give up. I’m sure he has felt like giving up many times over the years of his life, and what we see in the final few steps of his breakthrough is only a snippet to the years of perseverance he has endured.

    “Perseverance produces character, and character hope.”

    Here’s few of my favourite pictures from memories I’ve create over the last month.

    Until next time.



    Editing thy novel: My new abode

    As I have a few days off I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend hours and hours on my novel. I even found a new abode yesterday, which has the best hot chocolate in the South West, and unfortunately due to creative reasons I won’t be able reveal this haven just yet. However, I would like to add and let you in on my frustration. Yesterday I managed to edit three whole pages before I was distracted by my shopping list, which I had to go home to cook.

    Today, I’ve managed to edit 5 pages so far, but the daunting prospect that I am only 28 pages into a 200 page draft is startling to say the least. Do you, or have you experience or advice in the process of book editing that you would like to share?

    I think I’m going to go pick up my new printer now, which I plan to encourage myself by printing out these 28 pages. The idea is to inject some sense of productivity, and spur me on.

    Besides this very enjoyable process, I am still looking for a new book to read. My schedule has cranked up a notch this week, which has place a whole new value on time to read. I’m open and keen to find a good rom com novel, or anything other than horror or porn so if you have a recommendations please leave below. I only ask as time to research book reviews has shrunk again. All though I am a huge fan of novelicious and good reads.

    Happy Friday everyone! Stay tuned for my pancake story this Monday!

    Peace and Jam!



    This cafe is so cool. Besides hot chocolate, and a range of tasty looking cakes! The music is chilled and one of my favourite songs by Passenger is currently playing in the background. I’m currently sat by a huge bay window, where the sun is piercing through in the most beautiful way. The shop had a great selection of design and home items. All of the above make for the perfect writing environment right now. I’m so glad my friend introduced me to this place. She said it was a great place for getting things done, and she was right. I have discovered that choosing a spot to write/edit your novel is crucial to finding your flow. They say silence is golden, but for me it’s tempered with the sounds of my new abode.



    A novel update

    As my fellow writer friends will tell you novel writing can be a lengthy process, and whilst I practically wrote the first draft of my novel in a matter of months, it has taken me almost 3 years to get to a finished edit state. I am so excited to finally be closing the end of my first novel. After many many failed attempts at being disciplined, I have once again found a passion that so far has led me straight to my computer every day.

    Why so long?

    Good question. I used to use the excuse of writers block, but truth be told I don’t believe there is such a thing. For as long as I can remember (and I have a pretty good memory) I have been widely known for my love of books (mainly carrying them around) writing scripts, poems and every noun and then I’ll put my hand to song writing. In the end it really comes down to finding the courage to share something so close to me, with the world.

    Why am I sharing this with you?

    To encourage you (or my younger self) not to be scared, or put off that which can be done today. It’s too easy to become complacent with the gift of today, and there are many distractions (some good, some not so good) that can help us miss what we really want to achieve with our lives, relationships, career. Our decisions today shape our future for tomorrow.


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    Yes, I’m still alive.



    If you’re wondering why I’ve failed to update this blog recently, then this is the reason. I am currently editing and dedicating any spare time to bringing my latest novel to complete. I am loving this new found spot near my home in West London, where the hot chocolate is simply divine. 🙂

    Speak soon! If you have any cool spots to write in London that you would highly recommend, do include them in the comment box below!



    My Paris adventure

    One week ago today I set off on my first Eurostar adventure to the romantic city of Paris. I can’t tell you how easy it was to get the train from St Pancras International. We set off rather early to get the most of the weekend; leaving London at 7.31am. Getting through security with a morning coffee was as easy as 1,2,3. I fell asleep about 15minutes in the trip, and woke up around 30mins before arriving in Paris Nord station. Yes, that’s right. I slept through my first channel tunnel experience. Still, after a sleepy start, we were off on an adventure to experience the french underground transport, the Metro. As we were going to be in town for four days, we bought the book of 10 tickets, which came in just over 13 euros. Having full use of my iPhone (maps) navigating the Metro was rather useful. I’m also convinced a year of travelling on the London Underground system boded me well for this trip. The trip underway, and the forecast thunderstorm was nowhere to be scene… Happy days. With no breakfast, and very little sleep, we were starting to wilt during our search for the hotel. Speaking very little french, we were so grateful for the lovely french locals who took pity on our confused faces, and helped point us in the right direction. We met so many lovely locals, who despite a very real language barrier extended great kindness through-out our trip – going against the stereotype. We have arrived! Warmly greeted by the staff at the Westside Hotel, we dropped our bags and turned our attention to the city of Pariee!! First stop, Eiffel Tower. The city seemed rather quiet today; at least in the back streets. Thankfully the sun came out to play, after a chilly start to the day, and despite a short burst of rain we got the first glimpse of the glitzy tower through the trees. There’s just something about Paris. (Stay tuned for part 2 of my Paris adventure, which includes my brush with a french chef, the bridge of love (a.k.a Pont De Art), world famous macaroons, and the museum of luuuuuuuuve (a.k.a The Lurve). xx