Wild horses and beach huts

    This weekend I achieved an unwritten goal by exploring Bournemouth beach and taking a long-awaited picture of their famous beach huts. I was a magical adventure that I didn’t anticipate. I mean... who knew we had thousands of wild horses running around the UK? I didn’t. The day started with a good old trip to Starbucks.


    Hats for days

    Hello beautiful! It may have been a rainy bank holiday Monday, but have to say I am thankful to have spent a little more time at my desk preparing for the week ahead. I’m not sure I’ve introduced you to my home yet, but here is a sneak peek into my new hub. I’ve deliberately drenched it in fairy lights, and cute little reminders and scents that are really just a way to lure me to write, or think. Oh have you spotted the book on my desk? Yes, that is T.D Jakes new book that arrived last week. I am super duper excited to delve into this. This man is…

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    First class down memory lane

    There are many great stories that have come from my Christmas break in Scotland this year. I am currently travelling south on the 1pm train; Highlander Chieftain from Edinburgh to London Kings X. Thanks to a generous family member I am travelling First Class in both directions on this trip, and enjoying the luxuries of tea, wine, food and snacks for free! It sure does beat the 10hr Megabus journey, which I plan to never experience again! Whilst on this fast train to London, with the biggest suitcase in history, we (my friend and I) decided to make the most of it by taking a double trip down memory lane,…


    My Paris adventure

    One week ago today I set off on my first Eurostar adventure to the romantic city of Paris. I can’t tell you how easy it was to get the train from St Pancras International. We set off rather early to get the most of the weekend; leaving London at 7.31am. Getting through security with a morning coffee was as easy as 1,2,3. I fell asleep about 15minutes in the trip, and woke up around 30mins before arriving in Paris Nord station. Yes, that’s right. I slept through my first channel tunnel experience. Still, after a sleepy start, we were off on an adventure to experience the french underground transport, the…