New year, new revelation

    Dear my younger self, It’s time, it’s time! Wake up! It’s time to rise up baby girl. The world hasn’t stopped. The day is fresh and it’s a new beginning. A new week, and for your 29 year old self it’s just turned a new year. A new year is like a new page in the book of your life. This is your opportunity to do something different, or to build upon something you’ve already been doing. Don’t miss this sweetheart. Do not stay sleeping to what’s facing you today. You have a shot at success and it’s right under your nose. The trouble I’m trying to warn you off…


    Real talk.

    I just have to take a moment and get real for a second. This is another letter from my heart to my younger self. Dear my younger self, There comes a point in life when realise you are worth so much more than what you settled for. It’s time to get up and take action for we have one life. Trust me darling, it’s better for you to spend this one spreading love and joy, than fighting or falling over the trap of comparison. Choose to give love, than just to take love. For it’s the only real way to receive love back. Take a preference of trying over failing…

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    New material

    I am so excited about today’s novel editing session that I just had to jump on here and share. I may have just wrote a short bio story that I hope you’ll love. I think I might post it tomorrow. Stay tuned!


    Be beautiful and create

    I had such a special day yesterday. It was so much fun to head to the studio, and hear one of my closest friends share some of her music. As I was listening to her music and trying to figure out where I’ve heard one of the songs before. I even found myself thinking she sang it better than then original, I’m sure. As it turns out she is the original!! I was so funny, but such a beautiful moment to hear her create and use what she has to make something beautiful. As I continue on my own journey of creativity, I am truly excited about this new season…