International Museum Day

    “I dislike museum’s with a passion.”

    At least that’s what I use to think when someone mentioned going to a museum. I was the girl who fell asleep in history… 5 times. I don’t mind going into a museum, but I will most likely cover the whole building in under 20 minutes, in one swift swoop. I have to say they are growing on me a little over the years and to be honest when this latest trip to the Oxford’s Natural History Museum was brought up I was pretty much sold on the concept of seeing dinosaur bones. I saw it as an inspirational trip and research for my a new project I’m working on. I’ve discovered so much about Oxford lately through visiting friends and family members from hundreds of miles away. That being said, this is a great thing because now I know where to recommend or take any future visitors to this wonderful academic city!

    Always look on the bright side of life.

    I took quite a few pictures, so check out my short mini video instead. It was such a fun day it made me want to dig out my old Dilly The Dinosaur books (children’s book series by Tony Bradman).

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    Happy International Museum Day!

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    Easter Monday treats and beats

    Nothing like working to some upbeat music. Today I am reflecting on some awesome beats and treats from yesterday, whilst getting ready for the day. My images wouldn’t upload yesterday, hence the delay in publishing this post. And I couldn’t resist throwing in a few more. There was something about this view of Oxford town centre yesterday that just made me stop. I think it was the light breaking through the clouds, and bouncing of people’s head. There’s definitely a message in that, but for now let’s appreciate this beautiful view.


    Music today has to be Leah McFall – whilst I know she has recently released her EP. I’m still felling this collab with Will.i.Am called ‘Home‘.

    Leah McFall music - home
    I am obsessed with pink blossoms right now, and so here’s another beautiful shot from a tree close to home. The season is clearly shifting, and these beauties never seem to last long so I’m making memories whilst I still can.  No filter was used in taking this shot.

    pink blossom trees

    Impromptu cocktails with the girls led to delicious tapas at Kazbar in Oxford. The atmosphere takes me to Morocco. The tapas are amazing, and according to one newspaper they were voted best Tapas bar in the UK last year. I would rate it 10 out of 10 myself. It is reasonably priced, with a great selection of food, cocktails, and friendly staff. I highly recommend.

    tapas from kazbar oxford
    Having moved to Oxford a few months ago, I have to say they have lots of nice places for food, great architecture and bars. It’s not London, but it has character and lots of posh people, and people with good style. You just might need a car to explore and find gems like The Fishes. I still think about the slow and low beef brisket, with creamy mash and spring greens to this day. It’s the kind of hearty meal you want in winter, or when you’re really hungry and it just makes you smile. The brisket meals in your mouth it’s so succulent and tender. Portion size is great too. Another great feature of this place was the generous garden space out the back, there were trees dressed with fairy lights and a picnic bench. I hope they turn it into a BBQ spot in the summer. Worth the drive out of the city.

    Slow cooked beef brisket, with creamy mash and spring greens