Eat chips and sleep

    Blown away by today. Let it never be said that God doesn’t hear our inner frustrations or answer prayer – especially the raw, honest ones. The kind you think to yourself but don’t dare tell anyone else for fear of being judged or forever labelled by that one thought. Am I the only one that happens to?  The quote above was from a beautiful woman and her mum who kindly stopped by my stall today to give me some fresh perspective on the people that enter my life. The ones that stayed, and the ones that left. 

    I do believe everything rises and falls on our perspective, our inner well-being (our mind, spirit, body and soul). Like the image below says:

    I’m so thankful for every one of them, and the opportunity it’s afforded me to flourish, learn, and dance my way forward! 

    P.S if you’re one that left… you missed out on the best part! ?

    Ok I’m off to eat chips and sleep! Love ya!


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    My travel journal exert 1

    Disclaimer: This post is unedited and written in mind to post last night but things got a little busy with catching up my some of my best friends, so without further ado here are just a few thoughts from the heart. 


    I’m on a bus out of London for a few meetings and catch up’s! I am overwhelmed as this is the first time I’ve had in a few weeks to gather my thoughts amidst the full on schedule I’ve been running with. I want to share a few thoughts on my heart as my eyes and heart are open to the real need of humanity for faith, hope and love. 
    I’ve seen the news this week and I’ve seen the reaction to many who feel the emotional pull but fear the problem is too big for them to take on, and I want to plead to each one who reads this that just by choosing to think better, you will enable yourself that love better and in return live better. It’s so important that you don’t discredit yourself out of being part of the solution this world needs because quite frankly you are, and this world needs you. I understand you have real concerns and needs too, by no means am I minimising that. I am stirred to encourage us to see the opportunity and value within yourself to rise up from the platform you have been given, which is what you currently have, where you are in work and life and see what you can do to grow and multiply it. The thing is those dreams you have within you are not just meant to fulfil you, but also touch those around you. No matter how big or small you may think you are in the grand scheme of life, you are too precious not to step out in the area you’ve been thinking of doing but scared too. You may have good reason to be scared but our choices cannot always be led by our feelings. 
    You are on this planet with a purpose and for a purpose so please let’s not stay seated down in fear. The way we combat the darkness in this world is allow ourselves to shine, and just like the song says this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine. 
    When you flourish, your light impacts someone else’s, and there’s someone else’s and so it goes on. We can’t do everything but we can all do something. It that simply means being your best as a son or daughter, wife or husband, in your job or career? Whatever gives you fulfilment and peace that place where you prosper, then let it be. 
    Let’s join our little lights together and create one big light of love, faith and hope. Let that be the fabric of humanity and then darkness, fear and evil will have to succumb because darkness cannot withstand light.   
    Go be the best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, business owner. Let’s set the trend, and when we mess up remind each other first there is grace to get back up and keep going! ?


    How Kerb makes street food work 7 days a week.

    Have you been to visit Kerb’s 7 day a week street food market in Camden yet? If not, I highly recommend that you check it out.

    Meet my partner in crime last Saturday night – Vanessa, my friend and pioneer of street food in my hometown, Glasgow, Scotland.   img_9412 img_9400 img_9404 img_9403 img_9410.jpg

    Camden is known for being edgy and the grime social scene is best seen at night. It’s not a place I go to often, but tonight was for a different reason. If you know me, you know I love good food. Kerb is a well-known street food market operator here in London, who have recently opened their gates 7 days a week to bring us London’s greatest street food.


    This bagel was crafted by two fellow Glaswegians who are now cooking up a storm with their twisted dinner classics. The duo who started out in West Yard has such a fan base that they now have an eat-in diner too.

    Get this gooey American bagel for a bargain of £6.50. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of the equally awesome Indian wrap that we sampled too, but ? next time!

    It was great to see my favourite street food burrito present – KimChinary. It was only a shame that they had sold out by the time we got there.


    So there you have it – my snapshot review of Kerb, Camden. With 35 traders and 7 days a week there’s lots of flavours to choose from. If you’re in London visiting, and looking for a unique but tasty experience, then do check out www.kerbfood.com/camden for more info.

    There was just enough time to grab this pistachio and hazelnut ice cream from Amorino on the way home. I paid £3.50 for a lovely looking ice cream, but unfortunately it was overshadowed by the poor customer service that remained miserable after my friend reluctantly asked the man to smile. She got a growl instead. It was clearly nowhere near as happy, lively, or good as Kerb, which if you need another reason to try street food this would be another to add to the pile. I think I’ll save my £3.50 next time.



    Surviving pain, and finding purpose

    I’ll never stop opening myself up to learn from the day that surrounds me. When the rubber hits the road a safe comfortable life isn’t really living at all. If you want the treasure of this life, then you must be willing to dig beyond the surface of what you currently see.

    Are you so caught up in the bills that are flying through the door that you miss our children smile? Are you so caught up in the thing that didn’t work out, the job promotion you didn’t get, or the relationship that’s come to an end that you can’t see the beauty of a new chapter before you.

    Life has a funny way of making you doubt and question yourself in times when you least expect it. It also has a habit of revealing things in me that have yet to be dealt with. Things I thought I had already dealt with, but I am so thankful for every moment I’ve encountered (yes even the painful ones) because if I hadn’t experienced them then I wouldn’t be as aware as I am today. They’ve given me the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to change. To choose to be different, to make better choices, to walk in love and not fear. To not make assumptions about the unknown.

    Have you noticed how much we like to put speech bubbles above people’s heads, and create our own story about what someone thinks of us, or feels about us? We cause ourselves way more stress than is needed. I’ve had so many conversations lately, and situations with myself and others that’s hammered home this truth.


    As I embark on the journey of launching our own online business and editing the sea of books within us I found this video from J.K Rowling to be a great inspiration and lesson in life.

    Everyone experiences some kind of pain in life. Pain isn’t limited to the catastrophic kind we all tend to think about. It may be as small or as big as frustration, hurt, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness.  I want to echo a thought that pain without purpose is unbearable, but when we attach purpose to it that is how we can survive and indeed thrive through the challenges and trials of life.

    I think too often we’re too scared to be honest and vulnerable with ourselves that we fail to address the very areas that we are drowning in. We don’t want to ask for help for fear of looking crazy, being exposed and most of all rejected. Or we tend to think we’ve got this and are too proud to be open enough to learn from those around us; even when it saves us so much pain in the process.

    If you would only know that you are accepted, loved and valued just as you are; dirt and all. That we all have dirt in life, and some just hide it better than others. If you would know that there are no conditions on you to be any more than you already are, but that you have an opportunity to keep climbing, to digging deeper today, to discover and obtain the treasure that is already within you. You should know you’re doing something right, by choosing to face some big challenges this year, instead of running.  If we could be less aware of the external, and more aware of the internal, which is really the only place we have the control to change, then everything else will fall into place.



    What wikipedia can’t tell you about Love

    Hello! I am extremely excited to introduce a new staple blog post right here, every Saturday “What wikipedia can’t tell you about love.” It’s really born out of my own personal journey as I seek to discover and love myself more as a single young professional, and a passion I have to encourage others in reaching their best potential. As soppy as it sounds, I believe love is the fuel to that. More on that in the coming weeks ahead. Today’s post is an my introduction to an idea that love is more than words on a wiki page, it’s way more than the superficial and self obsessed walking definition we can find by taking two steps outside our front door.  I hope to capture a glimpse and do some research into what others think love is, love does before concluding and discussing the idea that I mentioned before – love never fails. 

    So back to where this all began. Last Saturday, I was sitting in a local coffee shop when a beautiful young lady came to sit beside me with her mum. Her daughter so attentive, and full of respect for her mother who she insisted sit down whilst she ordered them coffee and cake. Given recent events that shook our country, I was captivated by this beautiful moment. I didn’t think too much of anything at first, but then suddenly a wave of compassion came flooding over me as I felt inspired and overwhelmingly homesick. I couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful their bond was, and make me think of my mum and my gran – who are currently 600 or so miles north of my current location. Then it hit me. I have to ask if they mind me taking their picture. I didn’t want this moment to pass, but the desire mixed with the fear of rejection and being labelled “weird” put up a fight. In the end, I decided to take a leap and ask if they would like to take part in my new blog campaign to depict love. And guess what? They said yes!  Meet beautiful Kiran and her mum Beant from West London. I asked them what love is to them, and this what they had to say: Kiran said, “Love is knowing that everyone is you.” Beant said that to her, “Love is natural it comes from nowhere.” I am so thankful for Kiran and Beant having enough faith in me to take part in this fresh idea. I will be continuing to ask those around me to help me fill in the blanks to my quest on discovering what love is to me and others. To join me on the journey make sure are you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and spread the word by sharing this post with this week’s hashtag #loveis Let me know what you think too! What is love to you? What does love do? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please email, coment and share. Love lee! Me@leannemacduff.com Xoxo Oh P.S. I’m currently working night and day to get myself ready for the launch of my new notebook and prints collection for Frame Your World. I can’t wait to introduce this beautiful idea to the world. So if you’re in London on Saturday 9th July be sure to pop down to St Paul’s Way and check us out! You can also follow us on Instagram under @FYWcompany for more information.


    Weekend recap and Snapchat moments

    Hey guys! So I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and Father’s day! I had the best time in Oxford with friends this weekend, and whilst I’ve been super busy with some exciting opportunities that have come my way. Here’s a few snaps from across the weekend… Had fun making fruit cocktails for the dad’s in church.  We also made some lemon punch and a poke of chips! These jars were so much fun. I want one for my home… I think Tiger has some! ​​These were my first encounter with banana pancakes and caramelised pears. No added sugar to them either (except those who opted for a white chocolate topping).

    The snapchat wouldn’t upload, so I decided to share a few things I love    and appreciate the role of a father from my experience. Anyone can be a dad, but it takes a man to be a father. I am blessed, and here’s a few of the reasons why. 

    This list of good things in reality for me is way longer, but I hope you can appreciate and start to think about at least one good thing about your experience of fatherhood. 

    There really isn’t anything like a fathers love and guidance, and whilst I appreciate we all have different experiences. It’s not a one size fits all.  I just want to encourage us today to think about the good qualities we have in the men around our lives and to encourage and celebrate those where we can. A father like figures in our life may not always be blood related for you, but who examples the good, the fun and the sound word when you need one? 

    So without further waffling. Here are just a couple of reasons you can be thankful for your day. One or none may apply to you, but I hope my brief list can inspire you. 

    1. He helps us identify our strengthens, and weaknesses (especially where boys are concerned).

    2. He provides and works hard to make sure we have what we need to live our best. 

    3. He sticks by me even when I drive him nuts (or the other way around).

    4. He has exampled to me that you can survive the storms of life. 

    5. He protects us and will come to our rescue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    6. He thinks he’s always right and the kid is always wrong (but the kid knows that’s not always the true ?).

    7. He’s funnier when he doesn’t know it. He’s a hoot.


    A royal weekend

    I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. London has been celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday! I have to admit I didn’t catch much of the celebration this weekend, but I did manage to catch some of the practice sessions of the Queens band for Trooping The Colour.



    In other news I’m on a mission to eat healthy, and educate myself of what foods best serve my body. I am enjoying finding new tasty ways to incorporate important ingredients into my diet, and as you may already know I love food, so here’s a few snapshots from my weekend. ​

    I also got £7 back from Oyster this weekend, so it was only right to treat myself to a Franco Manca pizza. Sourdough bread is much easier to digest than the original. It’s one of my favourites too. If you haven’t already tried, do check them out here. I rate this the best pizza in London by a mile. It had to be number 6 from their menu, chorizo, of course.


    I’ve been busy working my my new online collection, and making some rather important decisions right now for a new season in my life. All very exciting stuff. More will be revealed soon. 
    With much love



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    Summer vibes

    I am loving the summer vibes I’ve been getting this weekend, so I thought I’d share some snaps from across this weekend and last as I inspire myself for the week ahead with some of my favourite things right now. 

    Peonies – the hottest flower of the season and I love this colour!

    I’ve been on a mission to educate myself and eat better. I’m not sure if kale chips are the healthiest snack in the world, but they are oh so good! Really easy to make too. 

    I’ve heard lots of people go on about how they are on green juice and how healthy it is to be on green juice, but I’ve always been a little bit hesitant to try because of the striking moss green colour. This weekend I decided to give it ago (persuaded by a giant sign at bus stop would you believe) and I loved it! It taste good and it has lots of ingredients like ginger and spinach, which I am consciously trying to eat more off for a healthy digestive system. 

    I also want to eat more turmeric, but have yet to find a way to fit that spice into my everyday diet. If anyone has any good ideas, or recipes on that please do let me know below, or leave me a comment on one of my social media accounts. 

    Next up are some flashback images of Notting hill, from last weekend. I went looking for frames, but didn’t find any. It was nice to stroll through the crowds though and be a tourist for a couple of hours.

    I love this wall because it has fun scrabble letters on it. I’ve taken many pictures of it before but what’s one more for th collection. This can be seen on route to the market from Notting Hill Gate so look out for it if you’re ever in London, and let me know if you’ve seen it already. 

    I hope you had a lovely weekend and please do let me know any thoughts or comments on today’s blog. If you have any recommendations for healthy reciepes too that you can share, I’d love to try them. 
    Much love 


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    Oprah’s top tips on how to stay positive

    I loved these top tips from Oprah on how to stay positive!

    What are you passionate about? What makes you come alive? When you are in your highest positive state you are free to create, to build, to grow whatever is in your hands.

    I don’t know about you, but I think it’s so easy to get so caught up with life and the day to day situations that they become a distraction (sometimes a steadfast distraction at that) to who we really are, and what we are on this planet to do.

    She hits on a great point that we all want to be seen, but the true reality is that until we truly take time to discover ourselves, love ourselves, and develop our gifts and talents, then we will always be chasing empty shadows. It’s not what ‘they say’ about you that counts, it’s what you say about yourself. And people will ‘see you’ when you see yourself. It’s too easy to focus so much on the external situations and circumstances that are constantly changing, and neglect looking after and nurturing our own souls. It’s ironic when the reality of it all is that we really only have the power to change ourselves.

    I’m probably going off on a rant here, so I’ll stop, but it’s so refreshing to have this conversation on British TV. I feel that it’s an area we seem to shy away talking about on our daytime chat shows.

    I’ve been doing some self-evaluation recently on a few areas of my life, and if there is one lesson I can say that has stood out for me this year is to stop running from what we fear. To stop running from what we think we cannot handle, because we cannot overcome what we will not confront.

    Ok so a deep topic for Saturday morning, but I hope it encourages you to enjoy yourself today and take off some of those pressures your shoulders to be seen. Just be you beautiful!

    It’s bank holiday weekend, and I am off to visit the market! Do share if you like the post, and image I created. I’ve been teaching myself Illustrator lately, and it’s so much fun. I love this colour of pink in the quote above.

    Do let me know what you think about Oprah’s comments below, and have a fantastic day!

    Love ya!





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    Spring salad recipe

    Spring is in the air! Those cherry blossoms are blooming. Oh how I love those pretty pink trees!

    We’ve had some beautiful days in LondonTown, with the sunshine showing off its glorious rays. And it’s not been that cold either!

    Now it’s rather unusual of me to crave salad, but I had a great urge to make a mozzarella, Avacado and tomato salad the other day. I took some video footage and I thought I might share with you today. I’ll leave my very simple recipe below for those who would like to try my version of a yummy Spring salad.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    To make this beautiful salad I used:

    1 Avacado

    6 cherry tomatoes halfed

    1 mozzarella ball

    Half a bag of baby spinach

    A drizzle of olive oil

    A generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar

    Spring of rock salt

    One squeeze of a lemon wedge
    Have fun! Xox

    [wpvideo GlRx4gQc]