Finding Purpose In Our Pain

    girl relfecting over sea

    I hadn’t planned to write another blog post right now like this. I am sorry if you are reading this and it runs a little deeper than the content you may want or expect right now, but stick with me because I hope to inspire you with this special thought.

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    Sow to grow

    I am feeling rather inspired this evening after a packed day of interviews, work, editing and listening. As I prepare for move number seven in a few weeks time, and think about some of the plans I have coming up in the next few months, I am more excited than ever about the fruit of this seasons labour. #sowbabysow Dear Princess, Remember the principle of seed, time and harvest, and how we must sow wisely with our thoughts, words, and actions. Be thinking about what kind of fruit you want to see come from your life, and the kind of person you want to be. Be sure to check it matches up with the…

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    Growing pains

    Have you ever experienced pain so deep that you had little space to think, or function beyond the prominent feeling of agony? I was recently drawn into a moment of complete wilderness when I lost my job, a relationship ended, and lost my home within a matter of 6 weeks. I really didn’t know what to think, feel or believe, and the woman I knew, the happy, positive and self driven young woman had suddenly found herself in a place of uncomfortable, uncertain, and abandoned. Trying to make sense of it all took a greater amount of time than I expected, and only months after the pinnacle point of pain can I…