Dear Diary: There Is More

    laptop with blank screen

    The caterpillar that once was has suddenly discovered its wings and learned how to fly. I found myself struck by the thought of the butterfly and how beautiful and breathtaking it can be to find one. Now I’m not an ecological expert, I’m an artist and a writer, but I drew a butterfly recently for my cards of kindness campaign to remind and encourage people that they are beautifully unique. In today’s crazy-busy world it feels easier to forget to look in the mirror and check in on ourselves than it does to scroll through the reams of stills and images on our phone comparing and contrasting our life and…


    How to chase your dreams

    It’s been a minute since I last wrote a post for this site. Truth be told… this isn’t really a post. I’m currently writing because I want to fight against the ants in my pants (not literally, of course) and do what I know I’m gifted to do. Yes, sounds a bit arrogant, but it’s not. I have tossed and turned over ideas, thoughts, and what to share and not share across my social media platforms.  I work in social media, so part of the fun is for me to create, generate ideas, and help promote a product. However, I built this website as a place to mold and shape…


    Eat chips and sleep

    Blown away by today. Let it never be said that God doesn’t hear our inner frustrations or answer prayer – especially the raw, honest ones. The kind you think to yourself but don’t dare tell anyone else for fear of being judged or forever labelled by that one thought. Am I the only one that happens to?  The quote above was from a beautiful woman and her mum who kindly stopped by my stall today to give me some fresh perspective on the people that enter my life. The ones that stayed, and the ones that left.  I do believe everything rises and falls on our perspective, our inner well-being…