Diary Of A Creative: Becoming

    Girl Sitting On Beach

    I’ve been running various business projects since I was 12 years old when no one would sell me a newspaper round, I decided to defy the odds and build my own by going door to door and speaking to people. How did I become so bold? I truly don’t know. I guess in some way it was always in me. I would talk to anyone on a train when I was young and make friends wherever I went. As a sick kid, there were lots of times where I missed out in school and as a result, I became an easy target for some hurt kids to pick on. I…


    Surviving pain, and finding purpose

    I’ll never stop opening myself up to learn from the day that surrounds me. When the rubber hits the road a safe comfortable life isn’t really living at all. If you want the treasure of this life, then you must be willing to dig beyond the surface of what you currently see. Are you so caught up in the bills that are flying through the door that you miss our children smile? Are you so caught up in the thing that didn’t work out, the job promotion you didn’t get, or the relationship that’s come to an end that you can’t see the beauty of a new chapter before you. Life has a funny way…

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    Trying to be my uncomplicated self

    We can spend so much of our time trying to mould into somebody else, and it take so much of our energy to never actually reach that goal. Today I am embracing the beauty of something quite wonderful that is flourishing in my life. Today I am hanging out with me, and writing another letter to my younger self. I love this quote: I think there is so many influences that surround us that we often try to suppress ourselves unconsciously, our emotions, or our desires. We hear negative opinions, experience knock backs and question our ability to draw, create, or pursue a particular career path; and either give up or…