Self-Care Habits To Maintain in 2020

    Girl with sunglasses in car

    We are now six months into lockdown in the UK and it’s been a whirlwind of all kinds of emotions. Working in social media, managing my online business, and navigating the edit and new challenge to write more have kept me going whilst lockdown at home. As much as I do love all of those things and more, I’ve also recently been reminded of the importance of taking time to rest. The kind of rest I’m talking about doesn’t just mean stop and do nothing, but sleep is a good habit and part of what that looks like for me. I’m talking about self-care and making time for the passions…


    PACK ORDERS WITH ME & painting with watercolour

    Filming #WeeklyLee has been so much fun. I’m now eleven episodes in and I am so grateful for the support I’ve received over the last few months with Frame Your World. This week I pack orders and pull out some old art materials to have a go at painting watercolours for the first time in years. Tomorrow it’s officially one month till I took the plunge and registered to become self-employed as I began to test and birth my eCommerce shop @frameyourworldco. I’ve never really celebrated those birthday and milestone dates before, but I’ve decided to make a change this year. ⠀⠀  ⠀⠀ Starting a business at any stage of…


    Dear Diary: There Is More

    laptop with blank screen

    The caterpillar that once was has suddenly discovered its wings and learned how to fly. I found myself struck by the thought of the butterfly and how beautiful and breathtaking it can be to find one. Now I’m not an ecological expert, I’m an artist and a writer, but I drew a butterfly recently for my cards of kindness campaign to remind and encourage people that they are beautifully unique. In today’s crazy-busy world it feels easier to forget to look in the mirror and check in on ourselves than it does to scroll through the reams of stills and images on our phone comparing and contrasting our life and…


    Surviving pain, and finding purpose

    I’ll never stop opening myself up to learn from the day that surrounds me. When the rubber hits the road a safe comfortable life isn’t really living at all. If you want the treasure of this life, then you must be willing to dig beyond the surface of what you currently see. Are you so caught up in the bills that are flying through the door that you miss our children smile? Are you so caught up in the thing that didn’t work out, the job promotion you didn’t get, or the relationship that’s come to an end that you can’t see the beauty of a new chapter before you. Life has a funny way…


    What wikipedia can’t tell you about Love

    Hello! I am extremely excited to introduce a new staple blog post right here, every Saturday “What wikipedia can’t tell you about love.” It’s really born out of my own personal journey as I seek to discover and love myself more as a single young professional, and a passion I have to encourage others in reaching their best potential. As soppy as it sounds, I believe love is the fuel to that. More on that in the coming weeks ahead. Today’s post is an my introduction to an idea that love is more than words on a wiki page, it’s way more than the superficial and self obsessed walking definition we can…