Who does the best hot chocolate?

    Whilst we strive to get the best value for our money, and move into a more flexible working environment. I got the idea to write about hot chocolate during one of my regular working sessions from the local coffee shop.

    Living in West London we have everything from Pret, Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero and even a few specialist coffee shops such as Harris & Hoole, Artisan and a few others that I couldn’t mention because there are way too many for me to handle already.

    I’ve reviewed a few and I thought I’d give you my recommendation by reviewing each one. Let me know if you have a favourite hot chocolate spot that hasn’t been reviewed in today’s post. I’d love to give it a go!

    1. Pret

    It’s ok. Powder based chocolate but for £2.40 it’s pretty sweet. They recently began stocking whipped cream as an extra at no extra cost. The only thing that bugs me is when barristers carelessly get the balance right and if you opt for cream in Pret you might find you’re cup with half a cup of hot chocolate instead of a full, or third at least.

    2. Starbucks

    To be honest I feel like most drinks are over priced here, and I am a loyal customer. The hot chocolate  is ok, but I tend to go for a peppermint option here as I find it increases the appeal and taste of their original hot chocolate drink. I’ve also enjoyed their seasoned flavours including their Autumn Salted Carmel flavour.

    3. Costa

    A solid performer. Chocolate milk from what I can see, and I’m sure they use Cadbury. One of my favourite hot chocolates that I like to order with cream and fat free marshmallows. A little more expensive than Pret, but still cheaper than Starbucks. 

    4. Cafe Nero

     These guys are not great at customer service, but their hot chocolate isn’t too bad in comparison to tasting other vendors. I like the chocolate sprinkles that appear on top of the cream. 

    6. Artisan

    Great hot chocolate and smooth milk. No cream and no marshmallows. Portion size is considerably smaller than others and price is around £2.70 mark for a regular drink.  

    And my winner is… Costa coffee! It is hands down good value for money, quality hot chocolate, and even though it’s powder based chocolate, they are the only one of the 6 that offer marshmallows, which I believe makes the drink sing! 


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    Sunshine days are the best

    I am so thankful for the sunshine and light nights. Are you? 

    I’ve recently decided I need to save so as a part of that I’ve decided to be creative and one of the thing I am doing is to cut out daily coffee from Starbucks, Costa etc. 

    In it’s place I’ve invested in a tub of green and black hot chocolate, and vanilla syrup and carmel drizzle, and it is good! 



    I’m sorry I can’t update you much more than this tonight, but perhaps tomorrow. I need to sleep. 

    Today was full on. I created some pretty cool images and graphics for exciting opportunities. I’m getting to put down more ideas that I have in a while, but it comes with a cost. 

    My Mother’s Day blog is up on E.Y.ILove and I love how it turned out. Check it out here.



    Editing thy novel: My new abode

    As I have a few days off I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to spend hours and hours on my novel. I even found a new abode yesterday, which has the best hot chocolate in the South West, and unfortunately due to creative reasons I won’t be able reveal this haven just yet. However, I would like to add and let you in on my frustration. Yesterday I managed to edit three whole pages before I was distracted by my shopping list, which I had to go home to cook.

    Today, I’ve managed to edit 5 pages so far, but the daunting prospect that I am only 28 pages into a 200 page draft is startling to say the least. Do you, or have you experience or advice in the process of book editing that you would like to share?

    I think I’m going to go pick up my new printer now, which I plan to encourage myself by printing out these 28 pages. The idea is to inject some sense of productivity, and spur me on.

    Besides this very enjoyable process, I am still looking for a new book to read. My schedule has cranked up a notch this week, which has place a whole new value on time to read. I’m open and keen to find a good rom com novel, or anything other than horror or porn so if you have a recommendations please leave below. I only ask as time to research book reviews has shrunk again. All though I am a huge fan of novelicious and good reads.

    Happy Friday everyone! Stay tuned for my pancake story this Monday!

    Peace and Jam!



    This cafe is so cool. Besides hot chocolate, and a range of tasty looking cakes! The music is chilled and one of my favourite songs by Passenger is currently playing in the background. I’m currently sat by a huge bay window, where the sun is piercing through in the most beautiful way. The shop had a great selection of design and home items. All of the above make for the perfect writing environment right now. I’m so glad my friend introduced me to this place. She said it was a great place for getting things done, and she was right. I have discovered that choosing a spot to write/edit your novel is crucial to finding your flow. They say silence is golden, but for me it’s tempered with the sounds of my new abode.


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    Yes, I’m still alive.



    If you’re wondering why I’ve failed to update this blog recently, then this is the reason. I am currently editing and dedicating any spare time to bringing my latest novel to complete. I am loving this new found spot near my home in West London, where the hot chocolate is simply divine. 🙂

    Speak soon! If you have any cool spots to write in London that you would highly recommend, do include them in the comment box below!