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    All the right words, in all the wrong places

    Can we open our eyes?

    We talk about being more authentic, our mental health and being able to talk to each other, and the importance of community, but I’ve noticed that we can be just as judgmental about who we share a smile with – especially when the person seems different than our norm.

    It still feels a little selfish to me… and don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about everyone else. I’m far from perfect here too, but I am challenging myself with this thought too. We are getting better at talking about the things we need to talk about but sometimes too good.
    I just wonder how many of us take time to notice the individual in the canteen who is searching for a seat on their own, or who pass us on the street with tears running down there eyes. Whilst we sit in groups comparing and contrasting the good and the bad of our jobs, day, and life, or go about our business ignoring the tears dropping by our side. I don’t know about anyone else but I know how easy it is to be distracted from actioning the very thing I know to do… We are so good at giving out all the excuses in the world about why we can’t, why we didn’t, and I don’t know about you but I’m just tired of hearing all the right words, in all the wrong places. I want to be someone who follows through all the time, not just when it looks good, makes me feel comfortable, and reaches across the room.Someone wise once said about life that;

    “It’s not about what you see but how you see it.”

    What are you noticing today? Where does your sight need adjusting?

    It’s one thing to say you stand for something or that you’re going to change something, it’s a whole other matter to live it.


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    My Cheesecake Story

    I just have to share a small act of generosity I received on my way home from work two days ago. Anyone who knows me will know that it’s really on my heart to encourage a culture of generosity, and be a resource.

    Well, I was so encouraged by the hand of generosity from a kind lady in M&S supermarket the other day that I just had to share. If anyone follows me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed I’m calling it my miracle cheesecake!

    Living in London isn’t cheap, and after many many weeks and months of finding a job, moving home 3 times in a matter of 3 months, and attending to the ebbs and flows of life in between. I was struggling to find money for food. After a day of temping, and a lingering cold I popped into the shop on my way home for a little TLC. After careful calculation of cost, and choice between food and cheesecake, and then which kind of cheesecake. Would I go for the raspberry and passion fruit cheesecake, or the smaller hazelnut version. It looked so cute. I went with the hazelnut in the end. By the time I got to the counter, I encountered trouble with my card. As I stepped aside to check my banking app, I ushered the woman to continue serving the growing queue behind. Just a few seconds later I hear the shop assistant ask the lady to repeat herself, and I look up I see the lady behind me asking the lady to scan my cheesecake. The look of confusion passes across my face, and as small as it seems this act of kindness really took me by surprise. The lady insisted on paying for my cheesecake, and whilst I was insisting on paying for it myself, she simply asked me to pass it on to someone else.

    There will be some who read this and think, it’s just a cheesecake. However, to me it was more than that. It was an ease of a burden, a moment of delight, and a slice of comfort.

    Dear Princess,

    You have experienced many acts of kindness already, but I just want to encourage and remind you of those moments of generosity. Don’t underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, or a gift. A gift can be many things, and culture can often teach us that we must receive before we can give. Darling, that’s not true. You don’t have to wait to receive before you can give.  It’s not the amount you give, it’s the heart motive that you give with that matters most. What seems small to you, can make the world of difference to someone else. We ‘the human race’ are really good at wearing masks, placing incorrect labels, and some are also good at hurting you, but don’t let that stop you from giving. Remember darling that a gift really does make a way.

    Much love,

    Leanne x

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    Being brave

    I have come to think about this concept of being brave as an act of willingness to look like the fool when the result, or outcome is uncertain.  With a situation in mind, I wanted to take the time to explore with you in my blog, and offer up a suggestion that we must indeed take the time to reach deep into our core, and throw off the debris of life that has gathered upon us over the years, and dare to be fearless once again.

    There have been many times in growing up where I would attempt to step out and do something radical. To dare to ask the question that everyone wants to know, but no one is willing or brave enough to slip up their hand and ask. When people started to point out this feature in me, by making fun of me I used to wish I could be like the ‘cool kids’ instead it seemed that I didn’t really belong any group. I searched and searched for a table that I could fit into, and many times found myself spending lunch times alone, in tears. After years of trying to fit into the mould of other people’s ideas and opinions, I have come to realise that there are many people who life to project the image of confidence, but underneath the reality is something quite different. The scary thing is some even have gone through tough situations, and suppress their feelings so deep that they end up not even aware of how they feel. This can cause even more destruction in our lives.

    I don’t know about you, but I have found an awakening to life over these past few months that extends beyond anything I could have, or allowed myself to imagine. I am discovering that whilst I find a repeat of certain circumstances in life, and a stronger desire to change, and deeper struggle to take what I have learnt and apply that to my life I am discovering something far greater and more valuable than anything I’ve discovered before. The power to be me in every season.  Yes, I have always been known by those close enough to my life as a fearless dreamer, but in honesty as life happens I have found myself fall into a place of deep conflict. I have spend a rather long time running from those dreams in the opposite direction, and hiding behind the labels and boxes that life inevitably tries to put us in. Now in some weird and mysterious way I am learning that it is important to be bold in all that you do, to be brave and deliberate with your life. To be willing like to bible character Noah who said yes to building ahead of a something he had never been exposed to or experienced before.

    #bebrave #believenomatterwhat

    creativity flows from mint tea infusion

    Imagination encircles the world

    I love this quote from Albert Einstein! There is a proverbs that says, “as a man thinks, so is he.” I have been studying a lot about the thoughts that enter our minds, and how they can impact our lives. Take a look how Google define the meaning of imagination:

    Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 23.29.20

    Isn’t it amazing. The ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. Hmm… what can I imagine for the character in my new up and coming online story. That’s right folks; I’m starting an online short, so that you can get to see me write AND get involved in shaping the story too. Today I’m looking for a perfect UK location to set this budding short. Post your recommendations below, and tell me why you like this spot so much. It could be a country spot somewhere north, it may be by the sea, or amongst the bustle of UK city. You have one week, so get stretching your imagination and post below.

    *Any ideas used in this online story, will give full credit to those who first suggested.