It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    I can’t believe how crazy the last few weeks have been. I’ve moved house, I’ve been pretty busy with my new business Frame Your World, started a new work contract, and in the middle of it all, I caught some kind sickness bug that led to yes blacking out, falling down some stairs and hitting my head. This month has been nothing short of a chapter in one of my book, but hey Ho I am still here and writing to you today on my way to town for a spot of Christmas shopping! The songs are playing, my toffee nut latte is waiting for me, and I am wrapped up in as many clothes as I could have possibly squeezed onto my body. Oxford is like a fridge freezer. I can barely think to imagine what Scotland will be like when I’m home at Christmas.

    Oxford country roadToffee nut latte
    Oxford Christmas Market Feeling inspired by gift wrapping for Frame Your World at Southbank Winter Festival the other week I decided it was time to get cracking early this year, and bring back the old tradition of Christmas movie, take away and wrapping evening, which I think I’ll do this Saturday. The only thing left to do is to decide on which movie to start with! Suggestions welcome!

    Ok, just a quick note. In other news, (this is not the only reason I have been super excited to write to you all today) I’ve been catching up on some TV this week and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I have been for the reunion of Gilmore girls! Besides Friends and The Newsroom, this has to be one of my favourite TV writing creations.
    The show was revived this year for a special 4 part series 8 years after it was last seen on our screens – I can’t believe it’s 8 years already!! I have to say owning the box set and watching the repeats, this show hasn’t really aged much in the way other shows from this time have. I think the reason for this is the storyline, which remains relevant and relatable in today’s society. If you have Netflix, then I highly recommend it. It was the most enjoyable 6 hours of catching up with the cast of Stars Hollow, and I couldn’t believe Matt Czuchry, who plays Logan is nearly 40yrs old now! He still looks so young! He was my favourite. I was a massive Rory and Logan fan, and whilst I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, I can’t believe the final 4 words! I found myself shouting nooo at the screen it was that bad, or good, whichever way you want to look at it. This is exactly I love writing – I get to be in the driver’s seat and determine how these things go. I’m not sure if any other writers out there can relate, but I am a backseat driver when it comes to storytelling. I want to steer the story and tell it as I see it, and I want to be in control of when it stops, turns or changes direction.
    I am aware I’m waffling and ranting right now but I’m still in shock. I can’t believe this is it for Gilmore Girls, and I’m now pinning my hopes on the success of this reunion spiking interest and hopefully enticing the show’s creators to return to our screens. This whole artistic leaving it open to let the fans decide and ponder on where the characters are malarky is just not edible enough. We want the real thing on our screens please, Amy and Dan Palladino. Raise your hand if you agree, or share this post (either way).
    Until next time peeps!
    Much love


    Travelling home for Christmas dinner

    Monday 22nd December:

    Yes, this is me and my incredibly pretty bag travelling home for Xmas. I am so excited to be off for one whole week, and finally get to experience a Christmas tree and fairy lights. I haven’t quite managed to get my London home as festive as I normally would.


    Christmas Day:

    As Christmas Day comes to an end it’s been a whirlwind of a day! First I woke up later than usual to find out that my mum had already opened her presents without me. There was a definite role switch this year as I wanted to make tea before opening my presents. I’ve drank at least 1 million cups of tea since Monday (for those who don’t know how passionate I am about Scottish tea – I love and miss this everyday).

    After a not so traditional breakfast (for me) we made our way to my aunties house to celebrate the day with my gran, aunties, uncle, cousin, family friends; including my own friend Cleo who has experienced Scotland for the first time. Thankfully my tour guide skills of the homeland have continued to improve from previous attempts. There was no driving up the road to Stirling Castle and non-stop cruising back down the hill into KFC. What can I say, I’m a classy chick. 🙂

    There were a few cocktails before dinner, and feasting on my personal favourite starter; Tesco’s finest Brie and cranberry parcels. They are so delicious I could eat the whole box. It was hard to resist their 3 for 2 deal, so I am super excited to be taking a box home with me!


    Of course, I was also found stuffing my face with the classic turkey, with stuffing and roasts. For the first year in many embrace the newly discovered truth that my family have lied to me for years, by feeding me turkey instead of chicken – I guess they both really do taste similar. I refused to on the basis of a school trip to a turkey farm.


    For the first time in a few years Jonathan managed to get me to watch Doctor Who’s Christmas special, which I thought was ok; but apparently it was wasn’t good this year at all. It did resemble the film inception thought, with the addition of Santa Claus.

    There was no gathering for the Queens speech this year, but I hear it was really good so I will catch up on this later. Instead myself, mum, Jonathan and Cleo were battling head to head over a game of Scabby Queen. Let’s just say there we’re many laughs and jokes made. …Not to mention some very poor jokes from our Christmas cracker.


    I’ll continue my post on what I got for Christmas later, and fill you in on a few more events of my week back home. I have been baking, and if you follow me on vine you will see some first hand action.

    Do you have any good/bad jokes from your Christmas crackers to share? Any traditions you would like to share?

    Hope you all have had a Merry Christmas too, and a happy Boxing Day!