Spots v Stripes

    Hey all,

    I went shopping at the weekend to my favourite spot. Now normally this would feature something from Zara, but today I’d love to show you a few items from Topshop that I have on my most wanted list right now. I don’t profess to be a fashion blogger, but I do love finding new styles and going shopping, so I thought I’d share. Hope you find it interesting. Let me know in the box below either way.

    First a few things you need to know about me, and my choice of style.

    My favourite shops for many years has including, Zara, Warehouse and then Topshop.

    I love spots, and stripes. However, despite many efforts to pull off spotty and stripy garments, I find them hard to wear. I guess I just haven’t found the right material, with the right shape before now, but I never gave up trying.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t had the budget to go out and buy as much as I used to for a while. As London is an expensive place to live, and most of my time and money is spent on travel, rent, and food; and I have to be creative with what I have. In all honesty this can bring any girl in London down, but I have recently discovered a light at the end of the tunnel. My friend suggested making some plans to do new things, which for some reason was a great wake up call. I got so excited and carried away that amongst many other adventures and re-discoveries, I’ve re-ignited my passion to shop! Instead of avoiding shops these days I go in and trying things on. What better what to find out what fits than to test it out, right? In fact, whilst shopping on Saturday I’ve come up with a scheme to reward myself for achieving my goals this year. I am really excited about this years goals in particular. I will share all in Friday’s post. I know I still haven’t filled out in on my recent food haunts yet, but I will get to that next Monday.

    So here’s my top picks, and latest items that I love to wear.

    1. Stripy casual dress, £36, Topshop


    I love this, but stripes don’t usually look as great on me as it did on my friend. However, there is something about navy and ivy, or cream (which one do you think it is?) that I am drawn too. It’s £36 to buy, which in my opinion is a little expensive for what it is, but it is super comfy to wear too. If you’re too heavy like me, then you might want to go up a size for extra comfort. I think it looks nice with extra room. I tried both 10 and 12 sizes on – I only wish there was an 11 to be just right. Hehe Wonder why they don’t do that size? If you know, please share below. I would normally pair this with tan slouch boots, and a plait hairstyle! I learnt to braid my own hair this weekend, so everything’s a choice of plait for me this week. Better late than never, right? It also helps that my hair has grown longer.

    2. Stripy Jumper, £38 Topshop


    Now I love this jumper, but for £38 pounds? Why? I am clearly drawing a pattern here, with stripes, but I really want this jumper. I know it’s casual, but it just means I’ll get more wear out of it, and the quality did feel good. It’s super soft and the material was of good thickness. I just wonder why £38? The dress and other chunky knit items seemed to hold a pattern price of £36. I know it’s only £2, but for some reason that makes a huge difference in my mind. I’m not 100% sold yet, so who knows I may return and purchase soon.

    3. Mustard, chunky knit, Topshop, £36


  • BLOG

    Fitness challenge continued

    So today marks a new level in my pursuit to rediscover some sort of fitness level. I am just about recovering from the pain of my first step class of 2014. On Friday, I thought I was sick, when in actual fact my body was in shock from stretching muscles that clearly hadn’t been stretched in a while.

    I have to say in spite of the pain, I forgot just how much I loved going to the gym. Going during lunchtime at work is pretty awesome too – It gives you way more energy than coffee (which is something I seriously need to cut down on).  As a former dancer; regular work-outs were the standard in my weekly schedule. Since moving to London this had significantly changed. You would think that it would be the opposite, with the many miles we commute everyday, but as I have discovered there really is no substitute.

    So far I’ve discovered a few challenges since returning to the land of health:

    1. Getting out of bed before 6 am to go before work, didn’t quite work out today. It turns out getting out of my warm bed, when it’s dark outside, has provided a greater challenge than I’d anticipated. Still, I shall will crack on and conquer tomorrow.

    2. I find I keep putting chocolate and marshmallows in my mouth, and finding myself so full that I get tummy ache. I am considering putting up a sign in the use chocolate spot, which is too close to my desk, and inform everyone that the ‘usual’ chocolate spot has moved to the other side of the office. It’s a least a 1min walk, so it should be far enough away. 😉

    What can I say… I’m a work in progress! 😉




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    Fitness challenges

    I have to laugh as I write this I am eating a chocolate truffle that was donated to our work area, by a kind colleague who recently returned from a trip to Brussels. I used to have a serious crush on chocolate ganache, but my question for today is this:

    How wrong is it to go to the gym (during lunch) then proceeds to eat lunch and a box of chocolate truffles straight after, and be guilt free? I mean is that not what gym’s are for? Run fast, eat more?

    Dear my younger self,

    It’s a good habit to work out, dance, and eat healthy to stay healthy. When you get tempted in a few years to go eat that domino’s pizza, or Gulistan curry with your best friend after a 40 minute casual stroll on the treadmill, take her for another 40 minute run instead. That way you can work off this box of chocolate truffles in good time before you reach age 29. 

    Kind Regards,

    You’re crazy older self 😉