PACK ORDERS WITH ME & painting with watercolour

    Filming #WeeklyLee has been so much fun. I’m now eleven episodes in and I am so grateful for the support I’ve received over the last few months with Frame Your World. This week I pack orders and pull out some old art materials to have a go at painting watercolours for the first time in years. Tomorrow it’s officially one…

  • laptop with blank screen

    Dear Diary: There Is More

    The caterpillar that once was has suddenly discovered its wings and learned how to fly. I found myself struck by the thought of the butterfly and how beautiful and breathtaking it can be to find one. Now I’m not an ecological expert, I’m an artist and a writer, but I drew a butterfly recently for my cards of kindness campaign…


    One month in self isolation

    It’s Easter weekend in the UK and 24 degrees outside. The sun is splitting and the magnolia type trees in my area have sprung with life overnight. I’m in the middle of going back through my novel The Perfect Fit for one last time. It’s become my weekend routine. If you follow me on Tik Tok, you’ll know. I completed…


    Monday Round Up From Self Isolation

    It’s officially week 3 in self-isolation and I can tell from social media and my own experience that after a few weeks of being home we are in some way, at some point, craving a little bit of normal life. I’m craving spring and summer too, but needs must. Last week in between working and cleaning, I created a little…

  • New Year, New Beginnings

    Life Update: New Year, New Beginnings

    Happy New Year! Can you believe we are two weeks into 2020 already? It’s been a whirlwind from christmas shopping to buzzing around running running christmas markets with Frame Your World, and taking up opportunities in London and speaking opportunities in Oxford. LIFE UPDATE I am still working on filling out the reflect part of my new 2020 bullet journal,…

  • LIFE

    What to do when life hands you lemons?

    If my life was a quote, then this would sum up my day and week. Do you ever get those weeks where it feels like you’re been hit with one obstacle after another? I’m sure you do! For me, this week, was exactly like that. I’ve cried and crumbled for a moment with anxiety until I realised that it’s time…