• Floral Water Painting

    Lockdown Journal: Chasing Success

    So funny story... I was writing out this caption and pouring out my heart and then I accidentally lost it by clicking delete which meant I had to repeat. It's ironic, lol but it's a great showcase of what I'm about to share...


    My Day At The Beach

    On a recent break from work, my boyfriend and I got in the card and drove to Bournemouth. This was before the rush ensued. We don't live too far and after months of being cooped up at home with no outdoor space it was the perfect escape for me to breathe and reset after a busy few months dealing with…

  • LIFE

    Six TV Shows To Watch At Home

    During the last few months we’ve found a lot more time to entertain ourselves in the evenings which has lead to picking up and finishing those lingering series we’ve been aiming to catch up with. Now we’ve pretty much exhausted most of the series in our top list of things to watch, we wanted to share our top five to…


    The Best Games To Play On Your Own At Home In 2020

    With a little more time on my hands over the last few months, I've rekindled a love for games... Games like Boggle, Mind The Gap, Stop The Bus (who remembers this one?) Scrabble and Monopoly. I have always loved those bored games but the tricky thing is having the people to play with.