Born in Glasgow, Scotland around 28 years ago. I grew up between the four walls of YorkHill Children’s Hospital; and my mother’s home where I proceeded to dream about my life and what I would go on to do when I grew up. I loved to sing, write, and get lost in films, (mainly romantic comedies, but sometimes action).

Now that I’ve grown up. I’ve got many strings to my bow, but the dearest and most treasured of them all is my love for storytelling. I love to write, laugh and make people laugh with some of the crazy events that unfold in my life from time to time. Nothing is ever wasted, only experience gained. My philosophy is to never dream small, but always THINK and BELIEVE BIG.

During the day I am a social media savvy consultant, sparkling copy writer and idea generated adding extreme value to every brand and or company I work for.

Passionate about: fashion (shopping), reading, eating (going out and/or baking), social enterprise (creating one), entrepreneurship, film (both making and watching). Oh, and let’s not forget traveling (preferably on a plane). I’ve just finished my first novel, and about to start my second.

My story continues…