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Ep 40. Finding Your Fit As Creative [Guest Interview With Beatriz Penas of Apenas Illustrator] Frame Your World Studio Podcast | Leanne MacDuff

In today's episode I sit down with Beatriz Penas from Apenas Illustrator to talk about finding your fit as a creative. We talk about getting started as an artist, how to juggle the many hats artists wear, and how to overcome some of the challenges that come with growth as a creator and a business owner.  To find out more about Beatriz or check out her beautiful designs and products, head over to: or support Bea on Patreon here: Message Hosted by myself, Leanne Macduff; a writer, artist & founder of Frame Your World Company, I'm excited to be bringing you a weekly lifestyle podcast as part of my mission to inspire your every day. The aim of this podcast is to help you learn, grow, and create. If you would like the show notes delivered to your inbox every Wednesday, then sign up here. Today I had some thoughts to share around a new lifestyle habit I'm working on that leads me to create before I consume in my work, passion, and art. If you'd like to a comment, question, or suggestion, send me an email or audio file/voice note over at ⭑ JOIN THE COMMUNITY ⭑ Sign up to our weekly newsletter here: Draw with me on Twitch here: and you on You Tube every Sunday. ⭑ SUPPORT THE POD ⭑ If you enjoyed today's podcast, please consider subscribing & sharing on social media. It really makes a difference. If you found value or inspiration in any of today's content, then please consider joining my Patreon community where you can get exclusive podcast episodes & early access to my artwork, novel & creative stories. You can subscribe as a one off for as little as £2 and in return gain access to exclusive & early access content. Find out more here: You can also help out by leaving a review on iTunes! It means the world to me 🙂 ⭑ CONNECT WITH ME ⭑ Website | Personal Blog: YouTube | Frame Your World Co Studio Instagram | @frameyourworldco Personal Instagram | @leannemacduff ⭑ CONNECT WITH THE FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR  ⭑ Instagram | @thefemaleentrepreneur ⭑ OTHER ⭑ Music from Epidemic Sound. Try a 30-day free trial of music for your content:
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