About me


I love to write books I want to read. I aim to create something beautiful out of nothing, and I like to share things I’m passionate about or that I’ve learnt along this big old complicated road called life. If you’re around me long enough you’ll discover I am a walking, singing, dancing queen too. That’s just who I am.

I grew up between the four walls of YorkHill Children’s Hospital, and my family home where I loved to sing, write poems, draw, and dance too. It took me 9 years to convince my mum to take me to dance school, and despite being scouted for my writing ability early on, it wasn’t something that I paid that much attention too. Sure, I loved to write poems, and get lost in my local library for hours just looking at book covers. I’m not sure I read much. I loved cartoons, and TV shows, but I do remember Dilly The Dinosaur, Stig of the dump and Rold Dahl books making a huge impact on me as a kid. I loved the classics too. Black Beauty and The Secret Garden. Although, the film left me slightly bewildered. I was a rather fussy reader, and by the time I got to high school I had mastered reading the back of books and discussing my book review with the class. Not the greatest advert for myself, but I was young, naïve and I had an innate inability to sit in one place for too long, except for watching films – rom coms to be exact. I’ve seen every one a least a gazillion times. It’s rare that I find one I haven’t seen. I do watch other stuff too, but to get lost the the world of imagination and think of a better way to write the story.  Of course, I mean better, in my opinion.


My school reports would often refer to me as ‘a lovely girl, who dreams a lot in class, but shows great enthusiasm.’ ‘Leanne has an over-active imagination, who talks to much, but with a little more focus I think she will do well.’ It was something to that effect.

From there I wrote and published my first piece of work – a poem in a book called Spellbound, which was published by our local council. I wrote a lot of poems to begin with, and at first thought I would go down the route of scriptwriting. Instead, I embraced the world of Journalism after a good few years of rebellion. I actually left school and took on an HND course in publishing, which I now wish I had continued into the second year, instead of switching to Journalism. I had a real nack for typography, print and layout too. Funny enough, this is an area I have gone onto excel in professionally as a digital content and social media manger – www.thesocialexchangeblog.com.

Along the way, I’ve wrote songs, stories, and filled a library of my own with journals, thoughts and stories of characters I will one day pull together and share with the world. I am currently working on the longest edit in history. Jokes. Cringe. At least, I hope not.

I wrote my first novel in 2011, and since then it’s been an interesting and intense ride. I lost 13 chapters due to computer malfunction. And before you say anything, I did back it up on a memory stick, and email. All of which seemed to be useless. The memory stick wiped itself as I plugged it into my new (then) computer.

So there we have it… a snapshot about me. I am ploughing through this edit, and have every intension to publish this witty and moving tale of Sophie Townsend. I’ve got a few more novels in me too, so I hope we can go on this journey together through the twists and turns, and jolt of our imagination into a world that is engaging, funny, colourful, and creative. I’d like to get the balance between entertaining and thought-provoking. If I can spark your imagination to create your own story, and live your dream, whilst making a difference, then my dream has come true.