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Case Study: Oxford University Press


As a key member of the Academic Social Media Team, my role over the last four years has grown and developed with the business. In my time at Oxford University Press, I’ve worked on a number of platforms including; the OUP blog, core social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Day to day I launch, create, publish and manage our core social media platforms. Keeping a close eye and working with our communications teams to maintain health of the brand and manage any crisis communication issues as they arise.

Regularly providing strategic social media and content marketing recommendations to my senior marketing manager and team, I have had the honour of initiating many of our now internal processes including regular analytics and team brief meetings, reporting on Industry trends to increase marketers awareness of current and future social media trends. I also create, develop and present a range of teaching courses to our Academic Marketing Division that include creating copy for the web, how to use Canva, and best practice for social media in 2021. My role has grown to offer in-house digital content and social media consultancy expertise to a group of traditional marketers helping feed into digital content and social media campaign ideas, creating content, repurposing and managing all content for the Academic platforms.

A broad and varied role, I also work with my small team to develop a range of best practice and process guides, run content campaigns, A/B case studies, provide audience and channel insight by developing a dashboard of analytics accessible for the wider division.