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Reflections on 2020

It was a year billions won’t ever forget. As the world grappled with the unimaginable of a world pandemic that turned our world
upside down as chaos ensued across almost every aspect of life.

Yet as tough and testing as this year has been there have also been many gems and lessons to be thankful for that I thought I’d share with you today.


This was the year I finally got to take a holiday outside of the UK in 6 years. Around the end of Jan, last year Matt and I took a trip to Barcelona to celebrate my birthday in early Feb. We booked and left within 2 weeks.
It was warm, or at least around 21 degrees, which let’s be honest is a heatwave to my Scottish blood. We ate some local tapas, drank a few sangrias, and had lunch in the sun by the Sa Grada Familia. It wasn’t in our original plan. We were planning to stay in the UK, but boy am I glad we took that chance.


Like most years, I set out some personal goals & professional goals. I had recently picked up Frame Your World Company a few months prior, my handmade gifts business. I wanted to add some new products to my range and grow the business to a particular point. The year started quite quiet in terms of sales, and I had spent a good amount of time creating a strategy, learning, and growing in lots of ways that I didn’t even recognise at the time. I started really small, but by April I began to see those goals begin to take shape. By August, I had completely rebuilt my website and grown my product range to around 240 products. I expanded my designs to new products including t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, bookmarks, cards, postcards, and washi tape.


I‘ve rediscovered and grown a new confidence this year both personally and professionally after a few unexpected life blows. I’ve learned that whilst we can’t always choose what happens to us, we can choose how we go through it. I started drawing this year and picked up the illustration skills that I’d hid in a lock box somewhere after leaving school. I’m really excited about unlocking it again. I even had the watercolours out for a virtual painting class with some family over Zoom.

Art was my best subject at school, but I lost confidence over the years for reasons I won’t go into, but just to add that it reminded me of the importance of using what’s in your hand to grow what’s in your heart.


I’ve always been entrepreneurial and creative. Whether I was writing stories, drawing, or creating and growing a local newspaper delivery service at age 12. Yet, learning the art of time and studying the rhythm of my own life has really only become an obsession of mine over the past year or so. Not one I’ve always excelled in, if I’m honest, but I continue to be drawn to focus on my journey rather than be distracted by those around me. Let me explain…

I started Tailor Made Social, my social media & content marketing consultancy business around 2012. I worked for several global and small businesses from all kinds of sectors to teach & help businesses grow online. Whilst I love what I do, I often wasn’t sure how to marry up all the threads of dreams, goals, and passion until 2020.

How do I explain to others what I do when it spans across so many areas?

I’m a writer working to complete & publish her novel, who owns an illustration & gifts company, but I also own a social media consultancy business where I teach others how to use social media for their business. After years of internally struggling of whether I could keep them all alive & growing alongside the battle of how do I explain to others what I do, and will they understand?

The truth is over reflecting this past few months I’ve come to understand & articulate for myself what my vision, skill set, and passions look like, and I am so thankful for it.

I am an author, who is on a mission to spark joy and inspire her world through Frame Your Word, and helping small businesses and fellow creatives along the journey with my broad skill set, resource & experience in business, digital, and marketing through my social media consultancy Tailor Made Social.

I guess the bottom line is that… it doesn’t matter whether anyone really gets it or not. It’s important that we take the time to reflect and learn the lessons of our unique journey and path, and that we understand the why behind the do first.


I don’t know who said that but I have learnt this year that fear is a killer far greater than any pandemic. I used to be fearful of a lot of things. It’s still an ongoing process, but in 2020 I learn to combat fear with a little more Grace & laughter. We’ve come through one of the toughest years in a long time, and that my friend is no small thing.


In September this year I got engaged to the love of my life. Matt proposed to me in one of my favourite spots back home in Scotland. I somehow managed to capture a glimpse of that day on camera. It was magical, and a step I wasn’t sure would ever happen for me. It was a celebration.

Here’s the video in case you want to have a peek:

Around April I was chatting with an amazing coach from Blank Page Consultancy about completing my novel. The delay in birthing this novel is a story for another day, but I set a brave goal to complete the final edit of The Perfect Fit by December 2020.

As life ebbs and flows, and discipline sometimes wades, it took me a few attempts to build that habit and move towards that goal. I’m finally on a path to complete next week, and I’ve learned that self-doubt is a limiting belief.
Whilst I haven’t arrived, I have come to appreciate that these are moments in life to celebrate even through the difficult and testing seasons.

I hope my friend this brings you courage whether this finds you that even if you have yet to see it in your journey today, seasons will inevitably change and beautiful things can grow out of difficult places.