The Best Games To Play On Your Own At Home In 2020

With a little more time on my hands over the last few months, I’ve rekindled a love for games… Games like Boggle, Mind The Gap, Stop The Bus (who remembers this one?) Scrabble and Monopoly. I have always loved those bored games but the tricky thing is having the people to play with.

So I thought I’d share my top five games that I’ve recently re-discovered that I can play at home either on my mobile or handheld that I love, and hopefully you will too.


I’ve only recently discovered Boggle the bored game, but I love word games and it’s a great way to challenge and stretch your brain if you just want something easy and simple to play. It’s basically 17 letters at random through shaking the bored with two minutes on the clock to find and make as many words as you can. You can play a random opponent or connect it with Facebook to play with friends. I can’t tell you how excited I was to discover the game had been transformed into a mobile app thanks Zynga.


Another word game, but they are my favourite – even if I’m not the best. I love this one. It’s literally scrabble on demand lets you play with random players from all over the world or with friends and you have a few cheeky options if you get stuck on your tray that let you change a letter or find a word with your current selection. Those are limited features, and if you are a hard core Scrabble fan then you may not wish to use those bonus options.


If you have a Nintendo Switch then you will be somewhat aware of Animal Crossing New Horizon. It’s one of my favourite Nintendo games since Super Mario and the game that brought me back to handheld gaming after years of being apart with my Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. I am still working my way up with this game. I love the distraction and opportunity to build and create your own little island. It’s a great escape for anyone like me who loved the day of Super Mario, Sonic, Packman and Crash Bandicoot. Nintendo have also just released a new update that I’m super excited about that lets you swim in the sea – a fix that I am particularly excited about. You can’t not fall in love with Tom Nook and friends. This has to be one of my favourite games of the year by a long shot.


I loved this game growing up. Stop or Stop The Bus as I know it is a game I played on paper with friends. One person would shout out the alphabet and the other person would shout stop. Whichever letter the player stopped on would be the catalyst for your round. Each player has to find a name or title for a pre-agreed list of categories like, boys name, girls name, flower, country, animal, fruit etc. It turns out some genius has turned this into a snazzy app that you can download and play on your own from your mobile or smart device. Like the other games I’ve mentioned above, you can play against the computer or with friends through Facebook and it does not disappoint.


Last but not least, this is one of the first games I remember being obsessed with as a kid. I loved the coloured bricks and the challenge of beating the timer by placing the bricks in a neat row. It’s a great commuting game too and there are a few new updates and levels that have jazzed up the traditional tile-matching video game continues to be a cherished easy to play at home on my own game.

I hope you enjoyed this. For more like this, tune into tomorrow’s podcast episode on more Animal Crossing, Games And Finding New Books with Jessica Jones on Spotify, Apple, Google or You Tube.