My Day At The Beach

On a recent break from work, my boyfriend and I got in the card and drove to Bournemouth. This was before the rush ensued. We don’t live too far and after months of being cooped up at home with no outdoor space it was the perfect escape for me to breathe and reset after a busy few months dealing with a pandemic, working full-time and managing the tensions that come with life in general. It was definitely time for a break.

So we got in the car and took a few mini detours to explore some new spaces and places along the way. I got some ice cream down my clothes, and managed to get soaked when I turned on the tap beside the beach to wash my feet from dipping them in the sand. It was hilarious and sadly none of that was caught on camera. Thankfully it was so hot I dried off pretty quick and got back in time to watch the return of football. Here are just a few snaps for our day that we did manage to capture.

That moment the waves soak your jeans.

If I could just bottle up this moment I would. I made a little vlog about my day, which you are welcome to watch here.

A Day In The Life Beach Vlog

If I learnt anything in this weekend it is that taking time to rest and priorities self care is something to be cherished, planned and practiced every day. You may not get to the beach every day or whatever that “beach” maybe for you, but we can have “beach moments” in our day, weeks and months. It’s something I plan to do a lot more of too.