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Self-Care Habits To Maintain in 2020

We are now six months into lockdown in the UK and it’s been a whirlwind of all kinds of emotions. Working in social media, managing my online business, and navigating the edit and new challenge to write more have kept me going whilst lockdown at home. As much as I do love all of those things and more, I’ve also recently been reminded of the importance of taking time to rest. The kind of rest I’m talking about doesn’t just mean stop and do nothing, but sleep is a good habit and part of what that looks like for me. I’m talking about self-care and making time for the passions and hobbies that make you come alive. 

For me, my passions include making content, writing blogs, filming videos, and designing and creating new products, which means I’ve got to be extra diligent in how I spend my downtime and carving that out intentionally. 

I thought it might be useful to write down some of the habits I’ve had to reinforce in my life of late and hopefully it’ll help inspire you too. 

The idea for this post came from a fellow blogger and Youtuber that I just think is fab, so definitely check out Brogan’s tips on self-care too.


A good friend and therapist I know reminded me that self-care isn’t just for when we get overwhelmed and burnt out. Self-care is something to practice every week, and perhaps for you, it needs to be a daily routine. I find that when I don’t book time in to take care of me, to read that book, to go for that day trip or to do that activity that allows me space to create, I end up neglecting myself and often leads to a build-up of stress and frustration.


I keep a bullet journal these days, and one of the spreads I decided to include this year was a list of self-care activities, just as a reminder to myself of the things that feed my soul and help spark joy in me. It’s a good habit to write a list or draw a mind map to signal to your brain what activities you need to include when making time for self-care. 


For me, I’ve decided that at least once a month I’m going to take a day out to explore somewhere new or somewhere special. I’ve just got back from a day trip to one of my favourite spots in Bournemouth. My boyfriend used to live there so it was lovely to take a trip back and sit by the sea for a moment and enjoy nature. 


I think it’s important for us to get outside and make a habit of it. I’ve found that the longer I stay in without exercise or fresh air the more drained and stressed I become. Whether you go for a walk to the park or if you are lucky enough to live by the beach, just getting out for a walk is a great way to clear the cobwebs from our brains. 

At the start of this year, I interviewed Dr. Liz Chege who shared her keys to better self-care in 2020. Listen here on Frame Your World podcast.