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Finding Purpose In Our Pain

I hadn’t planned to write another blog post right now like this. I am sorry if you are reading this and it runs a little deeper than the content you may want or expect right now, but stick with me because I hope to inspire you with this special thought.

Inspired by a fellow content creator, Demi who shared this on her Instagram post 

“Sometimes the weirdest and most difficult situations have a way of falling into place in such a way that their consequences end up creating something perfect.

Today I’m very grateful for all the bad things that had to take place so they could made all the good things happen.” Find the original post here.

It got me thinking about finding purpose in our pain… It’s so important to know that as tough as situations can be to go through at times; something that left or hurt us can turn out to be a gift. Often we grieve for the idea or the loss of what we had but don’t always see the bigger picture on why somethings must leave for others to arrive. Life is fragile and there are too many situations right now that I am not trying to be specific or speak to every pain because that would be ignorant, naive, and beyond me. I only share a thread of thought that if it helps inspire or spark a train of thought leading to positivity, then so be it. I’m writing from my frame and thinking about some of the pain I’ve experienced in life. It may be different from yours but stick with me for a second longer.

Some friendships are only for a season, some relationships just aren’t right because they hinder the person and the purpose of your life. That dream job that you lost, may have appeared dreamy on the outside but did it meet your expectations on the inside? Could this be a new opportunity to grow, to sow, and to move beyond the pain of this moment to find beauty grow through what may feel like ruins? 

What if that set of circumstances you went through could be used to be able to help another friend, family member, sister, or brother. Hear me, nothing makes injustice right. Nothing. Wrong is wrong, but what if now at this moment you have the opportunity to put purpose to that pain and turn it into something different. 

It may only be hindsight that we will recognise the purpose in our pain, but one thing we can be sure of is that we are individually catalysts for change. Perhaps, it’s time to find our voice and tell our story so that others may. 

If you are struggling with that thought or confidence in you, then let me ask you this question. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?