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Dear Diary: There Is More

The caterpillar that once was has suddenly discovered its wings and learned how to fly. I found myself struck by the thought of the butterfly and how beautiful and breathtaking it can be to find one. Now I’m not an ecological expert, I’m an artist and a writer, but I drew a butterfly recently for my cards of kindness campaign to remind and encourage people that they are beautifully unique. In today’s crazy-busy world it feels easier to forget to look in the mirror and check in on ourselves than it does to scroll through the reams of stills and images on our phone comparing and contrasting our life and journey with the next person. Yet, how can this be? If we too are as unique as the next. Every fingerprint represents a unique code of gifts, talents, patterns, and humans. This life is not a one sizes fits all, so why then do we spend some much time, money, and effort to squeeze into the box of ideas, to get the same coffee cup as that influencer on social media or just allow ourselves to get comfortable and camp up along the journey of life because we found ourselves tiring of the thought ‘are we there yet?’ ‘Have they recognised me yet?’ ‘Why is this not happening for me yet.’ Yet it is really the keyword here. Perhaps these kinds of questions are a signal to remind ourselves of our why. Perhaps, this is a sign that we’ve become so consumed with the highlight reels around us that we have taken our eyes off our own journey and road. If only we would be reminded that there is more ahead than what we left behind or what’s going on to our left or to our right. Fix your eyes on the path set before you and be prepared to fight. No great adventure was gained without a fight.

Transitioning from caterpillar to butterfly is not a comfortable process and neither is shifting lanes or change in life for any human, but it is necessary. Perhaps it’s time to be brave in this storm we are currently bumbling our way through to remember that there is more, and it’s time to go again.

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