One month in self isolation

It’s Easter weekend in the UK and 24 degrees outside. The sun is splitting and the magnolia type trees in my area have sprung with life overnight. I’m in the middle of going back through my novel The Perfect Fit for one last time. It’s become my weekend routine. If you follow me on Tik Tok, you’ll know.

I completed this novel years ago, but there were a few editing bumps along the way. I have to say that my experience of birthing this novel has been a longer journey than the 7 months it took to write.

This week I published episode three of Weekly Lee. I’ve been at home for a full month with limited outings.


I’ve definitely not used my full 1hr a day exercise limit, but I am improving. It’s amazing what a walk feels like when you are restricted. Stretching our legs and the feeling of fresh air on your face. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a new appreciation for being outside.

Have you noticed the birds are out singing already? I’m pretty sure that’s earlier than normal, but I imagine it’s down the heat and weather.

Spring has definitely sprung.


One outing that has stressed me out though is shopping. I popped to a local supermarket for groceries and essential items today and the queue was snaked six times the length of the actual store. It took a good 45 mins to get through, but once I was in it was a little better than my last trip. Tesco were using a one way aisle system which was a definite improvement. The only item I wasn’t able to find was flour to make brownies.


My hair has continued to grow at rapid speed this week. I’m getting closer to the “let’s cut my fringe and see” YouTube video. How’s your hair faring? I’m starting to see trending conversations with of people finding creative ways to hide or cut their hair too. I’m not quite there yet, but if you see me with a cap on then you’ll be right to guess… I’m hiding.

Oh, did I mention that I launched a new playlist? It’s public, so if you are looking for some new sounds or beats, then take a listen to my playlist.

How are you getting on?

I hope you are well and staying safe this weekend.