Monday Round Up From Self Isolation

It’s officially week 3 in self-isolation and I can tell from social media and my own experience that after a few weeks of being home we are in some way, at some point, craving a little bit of normal life. I’m craving spring and summer too, but needs must.

Last week in between working and cleaning, I created a little vlog that I am now launching as Weekly Lee. If you missed that here’s episode one. I’d love to hear your feedback and what you liked about it. If you haven’t already please subscribe so you can get more of my inspirational content around life, leadership, travel, writing, and more.




This week, I’ve started opening up this week about my novel The Perfect Fit on Instagram and Facebook. Whilst I’ve adjusted pretty smoothly to our new working from home set up, and for now I’ve been lucky enough to still have the ability to do that, the main struggle I’ve had to deal with is self control and pulling myself away from my fridge. I’ve found myself heading to the kettle and snack cupboard more frequently than normal. I feel like we either go two ways here. We eat like crazy or we like to work out. As I navigate the new season along with everyone else, I’ve created a few ideas for anyone at home insolation struggling to keep themselves and their mind occupied and positive. I’ve had a go at a few of these, including baking, a mini home work out, a virtual coffee dates and online games. I’ve you’ve tried any of these let me know on Twitter.


I’ll continue to share some of the activities and helpful tips as I stumble across and adopt these on the blog, Twitter and Instagram this week, and on YouTube this week.

This weekend I worked a little on a new writing project that I’m excited to be starting. I also took some time to relax and catch up on one of my new favourite shows on Amazon Prime Parks and Recreation, which I love. It’s funny, light-hearted and we need that in our lives right now. I’ve not managed to get too much exercise over the weekend but I’ve managed to do some at home and working on increasing that habit over the next week, but like a lot of people on social media, I choose instead to bake some banana bread because who doesn’t love and need cake right now!


Before I head off and crack on with some important work to prepare for the week ahead, I wanted to leave you with one thought in my weekend round-up:

“Your peace is your power.”