International Museum Day

“I dislike museum’s with a passion.”

At least that’s what I use to think when someone mentioned going to a museum. I was the girl who fell asleep in history… 5 times. I don’t mind going into a museum, but I will most likely cover the whole building in under 20 minutes, in one swift swoop. I have to say they are growing on me a little over the years and to be honest when this latest trip to the Oxford’s Natural History Museum was brought up I was pretty much sold on the concept of seeing dinosaur bones. I saw it as an inspirational trip and research for my a new project I’m working on. I’ve discovered so much about Oxford lately through visiting friends and family members from hundreds of miles away. That being said, this is a great thing because now I know where to recommend or take any future visitors to this wonderful academic city!

Always look on the bright side of life.

I took quite a few pictures, so check out my short mini video instead. It was such a fun day it made me want to dig out my old Dilly The Dinosaur books (children’s book series by Tony Bradman).

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Happy International Museum Day!