Spring into Easter

Ok, so perhaps the title is a little off. Spring may make me happier, which in turn makes me a better person, right? Anyway, it’s been a minute since I’ve had a moment to upload and share some of my fabulous views and several mouth watering food sampling experiences.

We’ve now crossed over to British Summer Time, the cherry blossoms are out, and my furry white hot water bottle is being used less these days – thank goodness! Winter feels long at this point, and have you noticed how everyone has bloomed like a bud in season, as the UK begins to waken up from it’s winter sleep.

If you don’t already know, I am a Scottish chick living in the southern parts of the UK. I’m obsessed with cherry blossom trees (and sometimes trees in general), flowers, food and blue skies. I’m known for bursting into song (in appropriate moments) and I love tea, coffee, cake and cocktails! Not all at the same time, of course.

Pause. Gosh, so much to update you on. Ok, here’s a few snaps from my trip into the city that is London, last week. I’ve definitely improved my photography skills over the years, and without blowing my own trumpet I am pretty happy with how these turned out.

First up, I got a new dress! I love it! I am drastically needing a wardrobe update and this sweet piece from Zara was a steal for £29. I’ll update the link to this dress shortly. First time this year that I’ve been able to wear a denim jacket too. Thanks to the 23 degree heat that happened in London last Sunday.

Popped into the new Chicken shop in Ealing with my friend for a bite to eat. We were pretty hungry, and the kind German waiter took his time to explain what was meant by a dirty burger. After a whole 5 minute chat about the thickness of bacon (my friend was affronted) I settled for a dirty bacon burger and my friend went for the dirty chicken burger. I forgot to take a picture of the food I was that hungry, but here’s a clip of pre-burger.

If I had to rate this place, I’d give it a good 8.5 out of 10. Almost a s good as Honest burger, but the only thing I felt this place lacked was virgin mojito’s. I had just been out for some light drinks with friends the night before, and so these were firmly on my mind.

OMG those olives though, with garlic were AMAZING. This was such a great night.


Finished off the meal with ice cream in my favourite park. Who doesn’t love a Mr Whippy with raspberry sauce and a flake?
Daisies for days…

What a beautiful weekend. It felt light summer had arrived. A little bit of a different picture to this Easter weekend, but never let the quality of your weekend be determined by the weather!

Happy Easter everyone! I’m about to take a load off, drink some tea and eat some chocolate big week with Frame Your World – we have two new stockists and fresh orders online. Then of course church on Sunday. Hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you decide to do.
P.s I so wish I could have gone to the Easter Egg hunt in West London, but ran out of time.  If you can go, go