My travel journal exert 1

Disclaimer: This post is unedited and written in mind to post last night but things got a little busy with catching up my some of my best friends, so without further ado here are just a few thoughts from the heart. 


I’m on a bus out of London for a few meetings and catch up’s! I am overwhelmed as this is the first time I’ve had in a few weeks to gather my thoughts amidst the full on schedule I’ve been running with. I want to share a few thoughts on my heart as my eyes and heart are open to the real need of humanity for faith, hope and love. 
I’ve seen the news this week and I’ve seen the reaction to many who feel the emotional pull but fear the problem is too big for them to take on, and I want to plead to each one who reads this that just by choosing to think better, you will enable yourself that love better and in return live better. It’s so important that you don’t discredit yourself out of being part of the solution this world needs because quite frankly you are, and this world needs you. I understand you have real concerns and needs too, by no means am I minimising that. I am stirred to encourage us to see the opportunity and value within yourself to rise up from the platform you have been given, which is what you currently have, where you are in work and life and see what you can do to grow and multiply it. The thing is those dreams you have within you are not just meant to fulfil you, but also touch those around you. No matter how big or small you may think you are in the grand scheme of life, you are too precious not to step out in the area you’ve been thinking of doing but scared too. You may have good reason to be scared but our choices cannot always be led by our feelings. 
You are on this planet with a purpose and for a purpose so please let’s not stay seated down in fear. The way we combat the darkness in this world is allow ourselves to shine, and just like the song says this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine. 
When you flourish, your light impacts someone else’s, and there’s someone else’s and so it goes on. We can’t do everything but we can all do something. It that simply means being your best as a son or daughter, wife or husband, in your job or career? Whatever gives you fulfilment and peace that place where you prosper, then let it be. 
Let’s join our little lights together and create one big light of love, faith and hope. Let that be the fabric of humanity and then darkness, fear and evil will have to succumb because darkness cannot withstand light.   
Go be the best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, business owner. Let’s set the trend, and when we mess up remind each other first there is grace to get back up and keep going! ?