How Kerb makes street food work 7 days a week.

Have you been to visit Kerb’s 7 day a week street food market in Camden yet? If not, I highly recommend that you check it out.

Meet my partner in crime last Saturday night – Vanessa, my friend and pioneer of street food in my hometown, Glasgow, Scotland.   img_9412 img_9400 img_9404 img_9403 img_9410.jpg

Camden is known for being edgy and the grime social scene is best seen at night. It’s not a place I go to often, but tonight was for a different reason. If you know me, you know I love good food. Kerb is a well-known street food market operator here in London, who have recently opened their gates 7 days a week to bring us London’s greatest street food.


This bagel was crafted by two fellow Glaswegians who are now cooking up a storm with their twisted dinner classics. The duo who started out in West Yard has such a fan base that they now have an eat-in diner too.

Get this gooey American bagel for a bargain of £6.50. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of the equally awesome Indian wrap that we sampled too, but ? next time!

It was great to see my favourite street food burrito present – KimChinary. It was only a shame that they had sold out by the time we got there.


So there you have it – my snapshot review of Kerb, Camden. With 35 traders and 7 days a week there’s lots of flavours to choose from. If you’re in London visiting, and looking for a unique but tasty experience, then do check out for more info.

There was just enough time to grab this pistachio and hazelnut ice cream from Amorino on the way home. I paid £3.50 for a lovely looking ice cream, but unfortunately it was overshadowed by the poor customer service that remained miserable after my friend reluctantly asked the man to smile. She got a growl instead. It was clearly nowhere near as happy, lively, or good as Kerb, which if you need another reason to try street food this would be another to add to the pile. I think I’ll save my £3.50 next time.