Surviving pain, and finding purpose

I’ll never stop opening myself up to learn from the day that surrounds me. When the rubber hits the road a safe comfortable life isn’t really living at all. If you want the treasure of this life, then you must be willing to dig beyond the surface of what you currently see.

Are you so caught up in the bills that are flying through the door that you miss our children smile? Are you so caught up in the thing that didn’t work out, the job promotion you didn’t get, or the relationship that’s come to an end that you can’t see the beauty of a new chapter before you.

Life has a funny way of making you doubt and question yourself in times when you least expect it. It also has a habit of revealing things in me that have yet to be dealt with. Things I thought I had already dealt with, but I am so thankful for every moment I’ve encountered (yes even the painful ones) because if I hadn’t experienced them then I wouldn’t be as aware as I am today. They’ve given me the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to change. To choose to be different, to make better choices, to walk in love and not fear. To not make assumptions about the unknown.

Have you noticed how much we like to put speech bubbles above people’s heads, and create our own story about what someone thinks of us, or feels about us? We cause ourselves way more stress than is needed. I’ve had so many conversations lately, and situations with myself and others that’s hammered home this truth.


As I embark on the journey of launching our own online business and editing the sea of books within us I found this video from J.K Rowling to be a great inspiration and lesson in life.

Everyone experiences some kind of pain in life. Pain isn’t limited to the catastrophic kind we all tend to think about. It may be as small or as big as frustration, hurt, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness.  I want to echo a thought that pain without purpose is unbearable, but when we attach purpose to it that is how we can survive and indeed thrive through the challenges and trials of life.

I think too often we’re too scared to be honest and vulnerable with ourselves that we fail to address the very areas that we are drowning in. We don’t want to ask for help for fear of looking crazy, being exposed and most of all rejected. Or we tend to think we’ve got this and are too proud to be open enough to learn from those around us; even when it saves us so much pain in the process.

If you would only know that you are accepted, loved and valued just as you are; dirt and all. That we all have dirt in life, and some just hide it better than others. If you would know that there are no conditions on you to be any more than you already are, but that you have an opportunity to keep climbing, to digging deeper today, to discover and obtain the treasure that is already within you. You should know you’re doing something right, by choosing to face some big challenges this year, instead of running.  If we could be less aware of the external, and more aware of the internal, which is really the only place we have the control to change, then everything else will fall into place.