What wikipedia can’t tell you about Love

Hello! I am extremely excited to introduce a new staple blog post right here, every Saturday “What wikipedia can’t tell you about love.” It’s really born out of my own personal journey as I seek to discover and love myself more as a single young professional, and a passion I have to encourage others in reaching their best potential. As soppy as it sounds, I believe love is the fuel to that. More on that in the coming weeks ahead. Today’s post is an my introduction to an idea that love is more than words on a wiki page, it’s way more than the superficial and self obsessed walking definition we can find by taking two steps outside our front door.  I hope to capture a glimpse and do some research into what others think love is, love does before concluding and discussing the idea that I mentioned before – love never fails. 

So back to where this all began. Last Saturday, I was sitting in a local coffee shop when a beautiful young lady came to sit beside me with her mum. Her daughter so attentive, and full of respect for her mother who she insisted sit down whilst she ordered them coffee and cake. Given recent events that shook our country, I was captivated by this beautiful moment. I didn’t think too much of anything at first, but then suddenly a wave of compassion came flooding over me as I felt inspired and overwhelmingly homesick. I couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful their bond was, and make me think of my mum and my gran – who are currently 600 or so miles north of my current location. Then it hit me. I have to ask if they mind me taking their picture. I didn’t want this moment to pass, but the desire mixed with the fear of rejection and being labelled “weird” put up a fight. In the end, I decided to take a leap and ask if they would like to take part in my new blog campaign to depict love. And guess what? They said yes!  Meet beautiful Kiran and her mum Beant from West London. I asked them what love is to them, and this what they had to say: Kiran said, “Love is knowing that everyone is you.” Beant said that to her, “Love is natural it comes from nowhere.” I am so thankful for Kiran and Beant having enough faith in me to take part in this fresh idea. I will be continuing to ask those around me to help me fill in the blanks to my quest on discovering what love is to me and others. To join me on the journey make sure are you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and spread the word by sharing this post with this week’s hashtag #loveis Let me know what you think too! What is love to you? What does love do? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please email, coment and share. Love lee! Xoxo Oh P.S. I’m currently working night and day to get myself ready for the launch of my new notebook and prints collection for Frame Your World. I can’t wait to introduce this beautiful idea to the world. So if you’re in London on Saturday 9th July be sure to pop down to St Paul’s Way and check us out! You can also follow us on Instagram under @FYWcompany for more information.