Weekend recap and Snapchat moments

Hey guys! So I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and Father’s day! I had the best time in Oxford with friends this weekend, and whilst I’ve been super busy with some exciting opportunities that have come my way. Here’s a few snaps from across the weekend… Had fun making fruit cocktails for the dad’s in church.  We also made some lemon punch and a poke of chips! These jars were so much fun. I want one for my home… I think Tiger has some! ​​These were my first encounter with banana pancakes and caramelised pears. No added sugar to them either (except those who opted for a white chocolate topping).

The snapchat wouldn’t upload, so I decided to share a few things I love    and appreciate the role of a father from my experience. Anyone can be a dad, but it takes a man to be a father. I am blessed, and here’s a few of the reasons why. 

This list of good things in reality for me is way longer, but I hope you can appreciate and start to think about at least one good thing about your experience of fatherhood. 

There really isn’t anything like a fathers love and guidance, and whilst I appreciate we all have different experiences. It’s not a one size fits all.  I just want to encourage us today to think about the good qualities we have in the men around our lives and to encourage and celebrate those where we can. A father like figures in our life may not always be blood related for you, but who examples the good, the fun and the sound word when you need one? 

So without further waffling. Here are just a couple of reasons you can be thankful for your day. One or none may apply to you, but I hope my brief list can inspire you. 

1. He helps us identify our strengthens, and weaknesses (especially where boys are concerned).

2. He provides and works hard to make sure we have what we need to live our best. 

3. He sticks by me even when I drive him nuts (or the other way around).

4. He has exampled to me that you can survive the storms of life. 

5. He protects us and will come to our rescue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

6. He thinks he’s always right and the kid is always wrong (but the kid knows that’s not always the true ?).

7. He’s funnier when he doesn’t know it. He’s a hoot.