A royal weekend

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. London has been celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday! I have to admit I didn’t catch much of the celebration this weekend, but I did manage to catch some of the practice sessions of the Queens band for Trooping The Colour.

In other news I’m on a mission to eat healthy, and educate myself of what foods best serve my body. I am enjoying finding new tasty ways to incorporate important ingredients into my diet, and as you may already know I love food, so here’s a few snapshots from my weekend. ​

I also got £7 back from Oyster this weekend, so it was only right to treat myself to a Franco Manca pizza. Sourdough bread is much easier to digest than the original. It’s one of my favourites too. If you haven’t already tried, do check them out here. I rate this the best pizza in London by a mile. It had to be number 6 from their menu, chorizo, of course.


I’ve been busy working my my new online collection, and making some rather important decisions right now for a new season in my life. All very exciting stuff. More will be revealed soon. 
With much love