7 steps to a productive day

We are all faced with the challenge of having too much to do and not enough time, so today I thought one take a moment (whilst I’m on the tube) to share with you some steps I’ve been taking to make the most of my day. If you don’t already know I come from a social media and content marketing background, and currently working and building a new business (when I’m not at work). I’m also writing in two books at the moment, and journal everyday. There’s a lot going on there and that’s not even touching other areas of my life that demand my attention and focus. Here’s the first step I’ve learnt to being productive.

1. Focus 

You can’t do everything all at the same time and be successful. Trust me, I’ve tried. It doesn’t work. We all have many spokes in the sphere of our lives that require our attention, and you just end up driving yourself up the wall trying that route. Prioritise and learn that it’s ok to say no. 

2. Know your objective 

To be honest this is really step number 1, but I’m on my mobile. If you know where you’re going then you’ll know what you can say yes to and when to say no. I’m not just suggesting that you randomly start saying no to things. We all have to be responsible here, and remember context. There has to be purpose to it. When we understand why we are saying yes to something, we know what we must say no to. 

3. Prepare a plan 

Plan. Plan. Plan. Prepare a plan and stick to it. They say a dream without a plan is just wish. If you plan for nothing you’ll fall for anything. This is about avoiding distraction. I got up at 5.30am today to allow myself time to journal, go to the gym, prepare lunch and send some emails before taking a shower and getting ready for work. It’s amazing what you can do when you give yourself some structure. 

4. Rest

I believe Rest is so important to achieving anything we want in life. It’s that time to switch off and watch a movie, have a glass of wine, or go out and do something fun. We all need that. It’s fuel for the fire that we need to take us where we want to go. 

That also means taking a lunch break. Whether you work at home, self employed, running a business, or have a high demanding career – you need a lunch break! Don’t get caught up thinking I need to do more to achieve more. Progress does not equal effort – Steven Furtick

Being busy for the sake of it will do nothing but burn you out. That doesn’t mean you should never work through lunch, but be careful not to burn yourself out

5. Don’t compare 

Don’t compare and contrast yourself to others. I know this from first hand experience, and I hear from other entrepreneurs all the time. We can feel intimidated by what we have decided to do, whether that’s build a business and you look at other businesses who have been established longer than you. Or if you have a goal to loose weight, and you maybe surrounded by size 8 girls around you in the gym. You can’t allow yourself to be intimidated by others. We all have different capacities too, so you can’t allow yourself to   Quit looking around and go back to step 1+2. 

6. Eat well and feed your body 

This applies to every goal and objective. To be productive you have make better choices about what you eat, and exercise above and beyond going to the kitchen for you next tea or coffee, and more than walking to and from your car to your office. I am no fitness expert and I know lots of people have different views on this. Personally, I like to go for a 30-40 min run at least three times a week. I aim to run 5k, and always finish off with 10-20 mins of weights or abs. Seek professional assistance if you want something more concrete and tailored than that. 

I got back to the gym this week after a month! I left my trainers at a friends outside of London so I got to buy some new trainers, and I love them. Check them out in my snap from yesterday.


7. Always leave some margin 

Funny story I wrote this post I got on the tube to work and ended up steering off in a different direction taking me to a destination far from where I needed to be. ? Needless to say I made sure I got on the right train this morning, and left earlier to allow for any delay. It’s good to leave margin in your day for the unexpected. 

Have a great weekend everyone!