Who does the best hot chocolate?

Whilst we strive to get the best value for our money, and move into a more flexible working environment. I got the idea to write about hot chocolate during one of my regular working sessions from the local coffee shop.

Living in West London we have everything from Pret, Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero and even a few specialist coffee shops such as Harris & Hoole, Artisan and a few others that I couldn’t mention because there are way too many for me to handle already.

I’ve reviewed a few and I thought I’d give you my recommendation by reviewing each one. Let me know if you have a favourite hot chocolate spot that hasn’t been reviewed in today’s post. I’d love to give it a go!

1. Pret

It’s ok. Powder based chocolate but for £2.40 it’s pretty sweet. They recently began stocking whipped cream as an extra at no extra cost. The only thing that bugs me is when barristers carelessly get the balance right and if you opt for cream in Pret you might find you’re cup with half a cup of hot chocolate instead of a full, or third at least.

2. Starbucks

To be honest I feel like most drinks are over priced here, and I am a loyal customer. The hot chocolate  is ok, but I tend to go for a peppermint option here as I find it increases the appeal and taste of their original hot chocolate drink. I’ve also enjoyed their seasoned flavours including their Autumn Salted Carmel flavour.

3. Costa

A solid performer. Chocolate milk from what I can see, and I’m sure they use Cadbury. One of my favourite hot chocolates that I like to order with cream and fat free marshmallows. A little more expensive than Pret, but still cheaper than Starbucks. 

4. Cafe Nero

 These guys are not great at customer service, but their hot chocolate isn’t too bad in comparison to tasting other vendors. I like the chocolate sprinkles that appear on top of the cream. 

6. Artisan

Great hot chocolate and smooth milk. No cream and no marshmallows. Portion size is considerably smaller than others and price is around £2.70 mark for a regular drink.  

And my winner is… Costa coffee! It is hands down good value for money, quality hot chocolate, and even though it’s powder based chocolate, they are the only one of the 6 that offer marshmallows, which I believe makes the drink sing!