Movie review: How To Be Single

If you are single and still recovering from the commercial pressure of Valentines Day last month, I recommend that you go see this movie. I pretty much spend most of the movie laughing, and in awe thanking God that this movie was not another cheap write like other Valentines Day, and New Years Day.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched a large spectrum of romantic comedies and even the bad ones have their place, but personally I don’t have the time to watch bad ones these days so recommending this means something.

Side note: Might I also take this opportunity to vent and say that a good script is equally if not more important that the all star cast they manage to bag. A good example of this would be Spy (2015) with the fabulous Mellisa McCathery, Jason Stratham and Jude Law. Despite great acting and performances from some of Hollywood’s finest, the script was average at best.

Now I won’t pretend to be an expert in relationships, but from a single girls point of view this film was refreshing, and seriously funny. Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson, and Rebel Wilson make a tremendous team, and give a great performance in this movie. The film is peppered with great tips on how to be single, and also displays the complexity that can come with love too.

3 tips for singles that I took from the movie 

1. Timing is everything

I do believe there is a right time, and right place. You can meet the right person, at the wrong time and you can meet the wrong person at the right time. Relationships are not destinations, they at a journey and rather than treating them as a sprint to see who can get married firs, we should embrace the marathon and get to know more people.

2. Be you always

It  sounds strange, but we all know we are masters at manipulation. Now I’m not being harsh but just look at kids and how they use emotion to achieve their goal of getting another sweet out of mum, or staying up an extra 15 mins to watch TV. I would guarantee that at somepoint along the way you have either played up to get someone’s approval that you liked or saw value in, and been willing to change yourself in someway. I’ll be the first to admit I once became co-dependant in a relationship a few moons ago. It’s ok – life a learning curve.

3. The greatest cute for a lonely heart is to be on your own.

I do agree with this statement but it’s a fine line between being on your own, and being isolated from the world. We all need human connections to function. We’re wired for it.

Do let me know if you’ve seen the movie. I hope you enjoy!