Celebrate everyday

I’m not really a big birthday person. I like them, but I tend not to focus on them much. However, it is nice to mark the occasion when it comes and I love the idea of doing something cool and different. Thanks to a close friend this year will be spent eating Spanish food, and jumping on trampolines! Yes, I am 31 years young today.

I write this post as I wake today with a slight cold, and waiting on the train into central London, with a thought on my heart to share. 

I’m still here! I woke up today! I’m alive and I have so much to be thankful for. 

After spending a portion of yesterday trying to avoid this day, which for me feels like it comes round too fast, with too much pressure, as if I were in a race to accomplish the world in one year. Instead today I woke up thankful. I have lots to be thankful for too! Feelings are fickle and it’s not hard to become clouded in thought by the distance we have yet to travel to achieve our dreams, but like someone once said, “wake I and smell the roses.” We made it into another day. 

So in true birthday fashion I decided to allow myself a treat! Do you want to see? Okay, check out the pics below!

I used to get candels for Christmas and birthdays and never ever use them. These days I can’t get enough of them. They’re perfect for setting me in the mood to write or sleep. This one was smells amazing too! I love the black and white branding. 

No birthday would be complete without cake or macaroons, and since I’m not near Costco this year… Ladurer it is! They only make world famous macaroons! 

FYI Rose petal, and Pistasio are my personal favourite. I recommend anyone visiting London to pop by the Covent Garden store. You may need to queue behind some indecisive guests though so don’t be in a rush when you do go.

Thank you Paperchase for £5 off today’s purchase as a birthday treat. I love these designs, and couldn’t wait to get home to take this picture:


This is one of the most exciting seasons I have ever lived. Besides pursuing my dreams, and chasing the vision I am learning so much about myself and the importance of being ground in the who I am. The outside pressure of preforming and conforming is strong, but I no longer wish for that to be a root of my life. 

*Tip* If you’re going to want to reap oranges, then make sure you’ve sown the right seed to produce the right fruit. 

Remember who you are!! Remind yourself of what makes you tick, by surrounding your life with the things you love. 

I’m off to finish my honey and lemon tea before I continue to do the only acceptable thing this evening, which is to jump, be happy and eat! 

Much love xox