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Smoked salmon love

I have recently discovered the joy of poached eggs and salmon! It’s incredible, and despite years of turning down the cured fish for its raw appearance and texture. I am in love! ? 

I don’t imagine this is news to anyone, but I was rather excited at discovering news ways to eat my favourite ingredients, and found a bunch of greens, with a slice of lemon brought a fresh and delightful lunch to the table. 

P.S I find using the cling film technique to making poached eggs much more effective than the silicon cups I bought from Robert Dyas. If you’re not familiar with this technique, then get a cup and wrap some cling film over the cup and pour the egg into the cup. Add some salt and pepper to season, and wrap the clingflim into a nott before popping into simmering hot water (not boiling). This creates the perfect shaped poached egg in 4 mins (depends how you like the). I used to make them without, and got frustrated with some bad attempts that left me scrapping the egg off the bottom of the pan. 

As January diets and resolutions kick in, I thought I’d share two other light but deliciously tasty, and fairly cheap dishes that will keep you fuller for longer. Did I just quote a cereal advert?

Anyway this meal costs £5 and would make 4 meals (if you portion the cheese and beetroot).


This tasty salad comprises of cous cous, beetroot and feta cheese, with spinach leaves. Masterchef eat your heart out. ?

And one of my favourite ingredients (but not so healthy) Chorizo and mediterranean veg, sprinkled with parmesan. Ingredients for this meal cost me £6 including the parmesan, which lasts for weeks. This will stretch a few dishes too. 

Hope you enjoyed my very quick cheap eats blog. If you have any quick and cheap eats then please do share, or if you try any of these let me know what you think below.