Hello from the other side

It’s a new year and another new day! I am in love with the title for this post, and want you to picture me standing on top of my desk chair singing Adele from the top of my voice. I made it! 2016 baby!! Move over 2015. 

There is a time when we must turn down distractions, fear, doubt, and let the dream inside us sing loud and proud. Take a minute, stop and celebrate the fact that you at here! I am. 4th of January!! I am currently embarking on a complete re-write of my novel, and it’s teaching me a lot. For months, maybe years I had been hacking away at a beaten version of my novel (due to technical trouble and the small matter of losing 3/4 of the book). After another set back last year, I decided to roll up my sleeves and begin to get involved on a deeper level than before. Sometimes life and circumstances call us to do that. However, I have learnt something even more important than having the tenacity to not give up. Learn to celebrate the moments along the way. I love what Steven Furtick says, “You can’t move past your struggles unless you appreciate the spoils.” 

So whatever you have in mind for this year, let’s not forget to celebrate along the way. And make sure it’s off the chart. Who wants to settle for a cheeseburger when the fillet steak is for free?  


We made it! If you can celebrate nothing else, celebrate the fact that you made it! Another day, another year! Last year didn’t take you out. There is still time, so do something. Sow a seed today, and check the soil. Healthy soil plus healthy seed equals fruit in season. 

How do you climb a staircase? One step or two?