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Christmas 2015 throwback

Happy New Year everyone!! We are now into day 3 of 2016, and I hope you are full of excitement and expectation for the year ahead. I’ve eaten way too much over the last few weeks, and had the best time celebrating the season of Christmas (despite catching a really bad cold in Scotland).

Here are just a few highlights from my time back home.

This would be day one of catching a cold – thanks for that Scotland! I’m still not sure it’s gone and hearing in my left ear has returned yet either! This place has a pretty good view, and I love that despite being cold and blowing a gale, the city pulled out the blue sky leaving a pleasant memory of our day trip to the burg. 

Case note: To anyone thinking of visiting the capital before June, make sure you take 3 extra layers with you, just incase. Oh and don’t by tablet or sweet souvenirs  from the main strip. There’s at least a 50% mark up. I found Tilly’s tablet for half the price in Asda, and it’s way better too – so do shop around. 

 This would be Christmas Eve in Ediburgh… I have loads more pictures but of course I chose this one because it has haggis is in. This is not as good as Stravagen’s in Glasgow (it was a little too grainy for me), but it wasn’t Weatherspoons bad so if you are in Edinburgh do check The Arcade. It’s on route to the old town, and the pub itself is really cute and cosy, with friendly staff. 

My beautiful friend Esabel came to Scotland with me for first time. Christmas Day with family – always great!  
 My cousin and partner in crime Jonathan, and his grandad Davey. 

My family (well some of them). We ain’t perfect but I wouldn’t change them from the world. 

I hope you had a good Christmas and embraced the chaos this season often brings. I am excited and ready to get back to work tomorrow as I embark on what is set to be a big year for me. More on that tomorrow’s post as I drop by to say Hello from the other side. 
Have a great Sunday everyone!