Where’s our great British summer?

You could say this is the question on everyone’s mind? It’s not exactly been the Indian summer we were promised, but then again I am Scottish and I come from a land where the sight of grey sky, rain and wind is of regular occurrence.

Sorry to my Scottish friends, and family out there! ūüôā I love you all dearly, and truth be told it sounds like¬†you have seen more of summer than London this year!

Still, as it is Wednesday and I missed the Great British Bake Off tonight. #GBBO¬†I’m going to have to watch that one on catch-up, so ¬†I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures from a moment of sunshine in one of my favourite spots in London… the park.



This spot in particular was stunning. Despite being deep in conversation, eating M&S cake and drinking coffee – The sunshine, blue sky, park buzz and sound of birds singing softly in the background was bliss. I took a Vine of this moment too.

*Warning* I¬†hear it’s not good to tilt the camera, so sorry¬†in advance. I was a little excited.


I think I have a filter on my iPhone 6 phone…
FullSizeRender (2)


I had a really cool picture of the sunset from my room window tonight. It’s not been as warm as it looks, but¬†I feel these pictures have brought back a moment of sheer bliss and cheering me up this evening.

So that’s it for me today. These are just a few of the beautiful moments I have captured recently. I’m not sure where the great British summer has gone this year, but if all I had was this one snapshot, I’d be pretty chuffed with this one.

I hope you’re having a good week. If not, make sure you stop and¬†look for the opportunity¬†in your week and day to appreciate. If the dream¬†or circumstance¬†you’ve been waiting to see¬†seems slow to turn up. Remember the process of growing like the tree above. As long as you’re sowing the right seed into good soil, the harvest will come. ¬†As one of my hero’s today said, “You can’t sow a seed and reap a harvest at the same time. There is always a natural delay in between.” Just because something hasn’t happened yet, or fallen into place, doesn’t mean it won’t.