Hats for days

Hello beautiful!

It may have been a rainy bank holiday Monday, but have to say I am thankful to have spent a little more time at my desk preparing for the week ahead.

I’m not sure I’ve introduced you to my home yet, but here is a sneak peek into my new hub. I’ve deliberately drenched it in fairy lights, and cute little reminders and scents that are really just a way to lure me to write, or think.


Oh have you spotted the book on my desk? Yes, that is T.D Jakes new book that arrived last week. I am super duper excited to delve into this. This man is a gifted communicator, businessman, pastor and so much more. I loved his last book Instinct, and could not put it down. I’m pretty sure this won’t take me long to get through as it’s so easy to read, but after taking a look at the first two pages it looks like I may need some highlighters. The gems are oozing out of this book. You can find out more about this book here. I may end up doing a review piece on this blog soon, but don’t wait for that, go buy it. It’s good to invest in YOU by reading. I was shocked to hear stats that suggested many adults stop reading once they leave university. I want do something about this.

But hey, check out how close this plane flew over my head today! I thought it was a cool picture to post, and actually took three! This turned out to be the best.

So what did you all get up to for your bank holiday weekend? I deliberately used this weekend to relax. Lots going on right now, but check out this cute little hat that I got as a gift. Do you like? I went a little crazy taking pictures of it, so if this seems vain I’m sorry. #sorrynotsorry It’s too cute!


No bank holiday Monday would be complete without some X Factor (on catch up) and some rather yummy strawberry fondu! This has to be hands down my favourite dessert ever! Although, this is a mini version.



It’s starting to feel like winter. X factor, comfort food, and grey sky. Have I been transported to Scotland? I hope there’s a little more sunshine in you yet, London.

Hope you all had a fab weekend! I’ll aim to be back here on Wednesday. Catch you then?

P.s I’ve been MIA for blogging for a while, but I can’t seem to shake my love for Periscope @leemac85 , and Instagram. I’m also on Vine too, so do make sure you follow for my latest broadcasts. Come say hello, and let’s chat!