Woman’s Day 2015 #makeithappen

It’s International Woman’s Day, so I was messing around with a new tool called Piktochart, and thought I’d do a quick draft of 5 woman you might know of who influence me, and a few thoughts on what they did to #makeithappen in their world (which is the theme of this year’s #IWD2015).

I hope it inspires you in some way. There are so many woman in my world, whom you may not know who inspire me. The beauty of being a woman in today’s world is that we have so much influence and opportunity to stand up and make a difference. It doesn’t need to be on a platform that everyone see’s either. We all have a platform, and we all carry the power to influence. What do we need to make happen this year that will not just see ourselves grow, move forward and change, but that will impact, help and encourage others. Let’s go beyond ourselves, spread some love and joy, and make it happen in 2015.