Sunday adventures: Oxford

I completely forgot to tell you about my awesome trip to Oxford last Sunday, so I thought I’d share a few pictures from the day with you.

I had to leave the house pretty early to catch the bus, and despite falling out of the door everything seemed to be going well until I dropped my yogurt somewhere in transit. Gutted! I did, however, feel slightly better by capturing the beautiful pictures below. I just love those moments where my eyes catch hold of a split second that moment of awestruck beauty. And the thing about this is that I think it teaches me life can be like that. You can see an image, a job, or a situation in one light and it can look amazing, but take one centimetre to the right, or left and that perfect picture doesn’t have the same affect. What is that?…Sometimes we only see what we want to see, and sometimes if we’re not careful we can miss the gift, the person, the opportunity because we didn’t engage enough in this moment, this step, the hear and now.


I truly love the experience of London on a sunny day, when the streets are empty because everyone’s still in bed. It’s priceless actually.


Then I stumble across this Zizzi‘s which I have actually been to with Sarah. I really liked the angle, and way the any hits this building that I whipped out my camera to make a memory. This inspires me to write a new story.


Leaving London behind, I was captured by this view in Oxford as I stepped off the bus and made way to my destination.


The streets were filled with character, and Oxford is that place that has all the coolness of London, with a little less stress and busyness.



My friend Sedia in the picture below is taking us to Atomic Pizza. It’s a retro plae with a menu designed as a comic book, and lots of comicbook treasures everywhere.

The the food was good, and they were reasonably priced too.

Sarah is chilling with The Simpsons…

I’m chilling with the yummiest peanut butter milkshake, chilli fries and burger! It was magnificent! If only I wasn’t  going to a buffet for birthday celebrations with Edwin and crew later.


Oh the pain… It was great fun though! I’d do it all over again.