Mothers Day

It’s a day we take as a nation to celebrate the mothers, mums, and amazing woman in this world. As I write this on the train, and reflect on how bitter and sweet this day has been (I’ll explain later). It got me thinking… What is a mother? The obvious picture to describe her would be a woman who gives birth to a child. In many cases it becomes her full time job, at least for the first year. It’s 24 hours care. Day in, day out. Of course the difference is the overwhelming love and bond between mother and child that allows the mother to all that she does so effortlessly.

As I get to experience this first hand from friends, flatmates and families around my life, I have found a new level of appreciation for a mothers love. I’ve talked about this over on EYILOVE blog, which I write for once a month. (Read here to see the real life stories of how a mothers love has impacted her child.)

Her job from day one is nuture, care and guide the child through many seasons of life as best she can from her own experience and journey. When we think of a mother’s role like this, then we understand that she doesn’t have to be a biological parent to be a mum – she is a woman who has accessed all that’s within her, and devotes herself giving herself, her love, and her best to help and carve a way and leave an inheritance for the next generation. Motherhood is a gift and a blessing.

I mentioned earlier that it was a bitter sweet day because I am currently residing in London and my own amazing mother is in Scotland. Despite efforts to go home this weekend it wasn’t possible, but I would like to take a moment to share just how amazing she is.

I don’t know how I would ever fit this into a moment, because this woman has done so much for me. Due to a complication in her pregnancy she has had trouble in her feet where the sole of her foot has less padding than normal. Despite, the pain she continues to run quiet literally not just for me, but many around her. She’s gone from being a full time mum with a sick child who pretty much spend the first 19 years in and out of hospital. From bed side, to school, dance classes (yes I was rather active for a kid with chronic asthma) and continues to mother me 600 miles from home. She really is a superwoman who sticks by me regardless, and shows me an incredible amount of love in so many ways. 

I would like to honour my mum today, and thank her for being her beautiful and caring self. This is a photo from our last daughter/mother date last month! Xxx



The other sweet part of this day is I got to spend it in church, and it was super special. The youth smashed it with their Mothers Day item.

Whatever your relationship with your mother today. Whether she’s here, or not. I want to send you some love today and hope that through my words you won’t be discouraged or think of what is gone or not great, but to hold on to memories, hope, love and let the mother (or father) in you rise up to be the best! Let’s not forget to cherish those mother figures in our life this day, and every day.