Monday night walks and weekend antics

I took a few pictures from last nights walk and Saturday’s tea party that I wanted to share. 

It doesn’t matter how long, I seem to find myself back up West and enjoying the beauty that surrounds Hammersmith. Let me show you…


Being a country bumpkin in the city, I find I can easily walk for miles. And yesterday was one of those days I needed to put the tools down and head out for a long walk. Prior to this trip you would have found me here

 Sunshine is good for the mind, soul and body, and although I don’t have much else to share with you today. I wanted to document this moment as I contemplate the environment around me, and look at what needs to be adjusted around me to help improve poductivity in writing. 

That and I can’t wait for spring! I am so thankful for the sheer amount of sunny days I get to experience in London (coming from the cold and snowy land of the Brave). 

On another note, I thought I’d share some photos from Saturday’s sisterhood dessert gathering. What more could you want than girls, tea and cake on a Saturday afternoon! 

I don’t seem to have a close up of the cupcake that Christina made – they were phenomenal! It was a great day! I won’t post the picture with the girls because I forgot to ask their permission to post! Anyways, that was my weekend and Monday night. Here’s to a great week ahead! 

Next stop: Mothers Day 2015