Tough day, but that’s ok.

So after a great weekend away, and one very sleepy Monday (hence no blog yesterday). Today, got off to a successful start, and then it seemed to fall a little flat. I’m not sure why, but hey ho that’s ok. I’m learning lots about emotions, and how to handle them. In fact I was speaking to a friend who also had a rough day. She made a very good point, which was we have to remember what we have, and find something to be thankful for.

I know that is really good advice, so I thought I’d share a few things I’m thankful to remind myself, and hopefully encourage anyone else reading this who has similar kind of days.

I’m thankful for… my job. I absolutely love working in my organisation. It’s interesting, and I’m able to focus on generating ideas and content for a bunch of digital platforms. I love to work with photoshop, and although I haven’t quite managed to get out the DSLR at work yet; I’m hoping to explore and take some original photos this week. Working in public sector is great, but it can be challenging at times when you want to get something done fast. My computer was playing up today. It didn’t help that I had the same experience with my home computer, and mobile the night before.

Anyway, I’m dwelling on the challenge, so back to being thankful.

I’m thankful for… my friends. I have the honour of knowing and doing life with some great, funny, and inspiring people. My friend sent me a cute message this morning about a girl she was listening to online. I know the woman she was referring too, and it was a huge compliment. I had the best Valentines weekend too having fun with the girls. We ate loads, laughed, shared stories, and had so much fun! One of the girls wrote some cards for each of us too. Oh, and my new desk is arriving at the end of the week. I will finally have a place to work! Woohoo!

I’m thankful for my new desk. To have a place to write, edit my vlogs, and be inspired is important for what I’d like to do.

I’m still craving some more cheesecake… YUM!


I’m thankful for having slept so well last night that I was able to get up with one alarm, and not ten, and get to work early. And for the beautiful sunshine! Check out my dodgy picture!! 🙂


I’ve had this weird sensation in my hands all day though. I thought I’d fixed it at work after adjusting my chair, but as I write my hands feel strangely cold and… weird. I’m not sure what it is, but I think I’ll go make some tea and heat them up. Anyway, I’ve got the I’m thankful for ball rolling, now it’s time for some news… I’m planning to start writing a new eStory each day. I’m calling it Diary of a comms girl. I’ve realised that I’m twenty-two days into my new job, and contemplated going back to day one, but I’ve decided not too.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s first entry, and wherever you are on your journey, let’s remind ourselves to stay thankful.