It’s all about that teapot

I am on the look out for a teapot, but not just any teapot. I want this teapot!



However, as £70 is quite a lot to spend on a teapot, I am looking around for other options. It all started whilst home at Christmas, when I fell in love with the rather plain teapot he bought for his new house. I used to think teapots were old, and not very exciting; however, since almost freezing to death in this cold winter I’ve found that teapots come in very handy when at home, and significantly reduce multiple trips to the kettle.


The thought of having one next to my computer, on my new desk, whilst creating something makes me very happy.

So I thought I’d share some of my contenders for the spot of top teapot.

1. This is my budget pick. It’s only £10.99 from Amazon – what a bargain!

This one has been my closest winner for about two weeks now. It’s Cath Kidston… This one creeps up to £25 on Amazon.51XXwjXgPrL._SL1000_


As pretty as it is. Why couldn’t she make a teapot like this gorgeous mug…


Then I stumbled across this cute little vintage showstopper… It’s around £60 and has a royal china feel to it.



Unfortunately, in true Leanne fashion, I can’t seem to get away from the beauty of this Royal Palace teapot. Yes this is £70, but it’s simple delectable. …as far as teapots go anyway.



So there you have it… an insight to my thought life. It’s all about that teapot. Tea! Tea! And more tea!

Do you have a favourite out of the bunch? Do you know of any cute teapots looking for an owner. Drop me a comment below!